[ShadowSlime] Ninja Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: ShadowSlime

Offender’s In-Game Name: Cruel Koga

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024/1/19

Round Number: 47410

Rules Broken: 1. You Must Roleplay

Incident Description:
Yet another ShadowSlime report…

Let’s see… ShadowSlime was a Ninja, my first encounter with them, was at Captain’s office when i(HoS) tried to talk with them so they stated could state their intentions, got met with a sword-dash that ensued into a long fight, where ultimately me, det and an officer died and got netted, not a single word was said. (obviously not expecting a monologue mid fight but i heard none before or after)

They coincidentially decided that there were able to have ‘‘friendly rp talks’’ with other antagonists or other non-sec people since of course, none of them would lay a finger to him. (As i was in crit i saw them speak with an engineer next to me who took my gun once i got netted, unsure what they said since i was in crit but i bet the engi asked if he could grab my gun)

I’m… extremely tired of Rusty behaviour and style of min-max playing, their notes, multiple bans and the amount of ghosts hours should speak for itsef, they only care about winning and being as efficient as possible, wanna know why they were on Captain’s office? To grab the Hand Teleporter (not their objective) it was just to have an additional get out of jail free card, Wanna know what else they had on them? a Bluespace battery, to replace their suit/sword(forgot which) to have an enhanced recharge(or whatever the better bs battery does) and i’m fairly sure if it wasn’t for me ‘’‘‘forcing’’‘’ him to fight, he would’ve taken the Captain Jetpack since it’s better than the regular one (This is just because i’ve seen it do it in the past but sure you can discard this since i don’t have any ID though tbh i don’t know if ninja can even remove his jetpack)

Anyways, they also immediatly kidnapped AI because… Why allow the AI to get in the way and it’s an ‘‘easy kidnap’’ and fast forward a little they rushed Brig, emp’d perfectly so we couldn’t even reach armory, netted and killed every possible officer/Warden and… that’s it, they didn’t do anything else as far as i know once they just won.

In fact:
OOC: ShadowSlime: I had to kidnap 6 people, it mgiht as well of been sec

The only other person who was kidnapped from what i saw besides the officers and the AI was the Janitor Bombyx, who ended up suiciding/dying in maintenance since they were trapped, with no ear piece to call for help, and they were a blood brother.

And yes, of course Security is valid to kill, that however does not exempt him from Roleplaying, Security got killed as fast and efficiently possible, probably in less than ten minutes, they left no room for any roleplay, it was just combat for the sake of combat, no honorable duel gimmick, no radio monologuing… just dash after dash and most of us ended up going DNR due to having lost all our gear, zero medical personnel present to revive, the brig being unusable due to being emp’d to the point where the air alarms got broken and it had no air nor pressure and armory was unnacessible, etcetera.

Additional Information:
This player should absoutely at this point KNOW better that this is not a game about minmaxing, winning, collecting frags and so on, the lack of roleplay from them anytime they’re an antagonist is quite worrysome

In fact, let’s throw another thing that’s been on my mind for a while and admins should definetly be aware of, Shadowslime has 4192 Ghost hours compared to 1428 Living hours and i might not have enough evidence to prove he ghosts just to roll midround but it certainly requires a higher admin to look at it.

I’m interested to see how many saylogs he had during this round previous to rolling ninja, this is MY anecdotal evidence but most of the time i’ve observed Rusty as a ghost, he stays there AFK, doing nothing and veery ocassionally talking whenever an antag does something loud, almost like he’s waiting for the midround notification to go off, excuse me for doubting but with all these stuff at hand, the admins at the very least should do a deep analysis on his connections, the saylogs and the amount of time he rolls midrounds, because yes, he’s one of the strongest blob/ninja/pirate/xenomorph/nightmare players… Because they almost exclusively play those and coincidentially they have notes and reports whenever they play them due to their lack of roleplay, it’s almost a very thin line of ice since some of those antags don’t require any RP at all, it’s the famous ‘‘Mime antagonist going gamer’’ all over again but applied to midround, if Heepox got called out for it i believe ShadowSlime might need the same treatment, and if it’s not they only play Captain character Rusty Elderson (who i’ve never seen on other role that’s not Captain unless they rolled traitor) and that character also leaves a lot to be desired (See recent ban)

Of course, i’m no one to judge what a person do whenever they connect to the server, they can main whatever they want i’m just pointing it up that last part since i’m perceiving they’re breaking the server rules hence why i’m reporting them and letting the administrators investigate and handle it.


Having a bluespace cell means that a Ninja can have four APCs worth of suit recharges, portably, without any of the risk recharging normally incurs.


I was the AI (either Asimov or Crewsimov) this round. The ninja rushed my chamber and kidnapped me for seemingly no reason. I had not taken any direct action against them with my borgs.

I believe it is worth mentioning that they have nearly 4200 ghost hours and less than 2000 living hours as Fronsis said, here are the exact numbers from Beebot.


13 Antagonist Conduct

Murderboning is not permitted unless approved by an admin directly (Murderboning is defined as the indiscriminate killing of multiple parties who are not a threat)

Intentionally creating additional witnesses as an excuse to kill them will be considered murderboning.
Isolated killings and kills that reasonably assist with your objectives are not murderboning.

2 No Powergaming

Antagonists are exempt from this rule at all times.

13 Antagonist Conduct

Security may be considered a threat and may be pre-emptively eliminated without provocation, but low-collateral methods must be used to eliminate them. Bombing the security wing is not considered low-collateral.

As we all can see, this player knows the rules of this server and is bending them for their own advantage. However, R1 still applies to midround antagonists. Having few saylogs and focusing mainly on combat to “win” the game is an obvious violation of said rule.


It was extremely annoying to try and fix the depressurized areas because many of my cams were damaged or destroyed. I vaguely remember them destroying my cameras with a sword but the round was a while ago so take that with a grain of salt. They are definitely an experienced player and have had incidents of powergaming even as crew that I have experienced.

Doesn’t matter much, but the det (me) didnt die, just got netted after which the ninja remarked “Oh, you’re the det” before running off

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While not directly related to this report, I believe the role ban is enough. They will have to show that they’re willing to roleplay and play as a crewmember before being unbanned.