Sgt_Solid1 Player Report

CKEY: Elchorico

Your Discord: Oscari#1532

Offender’s CKEY: Sgt_Solid1

Offender’s In-Game Name: Orchids

Server: Sage

Date: 04-26-2022

Round Number: 37697

Rules Broken: R13

Incident Description:
Orchids has teamed up with a hijack traitor, Ryan Rhineheart. Has then proceeded to get a desword from a surplus crate, and murderbone a large amount of people, including helpless nonsecurity personnel - after bombing the security department. Now, Ryan Rhineheart, being a hijack traitor, was allowed to murderbone. Orchids, on the other hand, being a regular escape traitor, was not. Therefore, yes, I am accusing Orchids of murderboning without being allowed to.

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Doesnt Hijack objective specify that you arent supposed to let Non-Syndicate Agents on the shuttle?

Doesnt that sort of imply you can let other Syndies help you in that objective?

Also IRC arent Syndies allowed to help each other with their objectives? I dont remember it being against the rules for other Tots to help with Hijack. Its against the rules to Self-Antag and to that but i dont think it is for other Tots.

I mean Hijack syndies can literally Hypoflash or brainwash people to murderbone to complete their objective so…yeah.

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You can cooperate with them by aiding them in ways that doesnt break the current antag policy, I am pretty sure. You can help them fight /security/, give them tools, let them scan your ID, whatever, but you cant murderbone. Also, Orchids was not only supporting Ryans combat, if anything id argue he did way more killing than Ryan himself.

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Then what about Hypnoed or Brainwashed people? They are made into antags and given an order to murderbone. They have to follow that or else risk a rules break. But they risk a rules break if they do that order as well.

Antag Conduct says nothing of either situation so i leave it to Admin intepretation.

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If you willingly let yourself get hypnod so you can murderbone then you really should consider if playing antag is for you.

Also, brainwash is different. You are REQUIRED to complete your objective, no matter the OOC rules (Unless its something of the case of being ordered to ERP or whatever, but that is a extreme). Rules cover this.

I mean thats fair.

Im not trying to justify this. Im trying to understand it.

I don’t have links at the moment, but I’m nearly certain there is past precedent to allow this somewhere:

If syndicate agents identify each other and choose to work together it makes sense both IC and OOC that they work together on their objectives. What purpose is there for allowing them to identify each other if not for them to potentially work as a team?


Wont this open the possibility of automatic murderbone pass to ALL traitor/ling/BB if one of them have hijack/dagd?

At least nukies allow crew to balid hunt and powergame, but murderbone traitors cant really be hunted till they hijack. Its a blessing if the player doesnt just bone people for fun, and only kill those that actually fight, but most of the time its kill first talk later.

That is its own seperate issue which requires the following to be enacted in good faith by staff.

While antagonists are supposed to be the enemies of the station, above all you should seek to make the round more engaging and fun as the star of the show. Succeeding as an antagonist is not the “goal” of SS13, the goal is for all players to have fun.

Silent murderhobo should not be regarded in the same light as allowable murderboning, but it’s up to staff to enforce those as two seperate things.


This report ultimately only needs one ruling that will set the precedent for the future too.

If a antag has hijack, are other antags allowed to support them in the same way that they would if they had it too?

While I agree with this in principle I would think that straight up murderboning would be over the line if you don’t have those objectives yourself.

I’m not familiar with any such past precedent, and to be honest I don’t particularly care since things change. But I’ll go ask headmins either way.

Same situation as Emmaged borgs, golems, ect. The person giving you the order is responsible for it. If you’re brainwashed and told to kill everyone, then you do just that. If your master doesn’t have the proper objectives for it then that’s on them, not you.

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For the record, I also couldn’t find it when I did end up trying so I could be imagining things.

I agree with this, even for the sake of the person who actually has the objective. Like I said in my previous post, silent murderhobo isn’t fun or engaging for others even when someone is given the murderbone pass. Being allowed to assist with hijack doesn’t necessarily have to equate to a pass to silently murder everyone with no engagement, especially after that now ancient PR which changed how shuttle hijacking works.

Traitors are free to cooperate with one another, although there’s still a limit to what you can do. Providing equipment to your partner, helping them steal something, possibly help them assassinate a person. Those are some examples of things that generally speaking would be fine. Going on a rampage and syndicate bombing the brig when you don’t have hijack/martyr is not. You’re still required to follow R13.

Keep in mind that traitors are not a team antagonist. You may work together, you may betray eachother. And you do not share common objectives.