Sexual joke discord warn appeal 2

Discord ID: Toaster Ban#9102

**Admin Discord ID:**Derpling#4498

Ban Type: warn

Ban Length: until discord warns get timers

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): like a long time ago

Ban Reason: for rule 5 moment (don’t post about that kind of bodily fluid you stinky)

Appeal Reason: 1. we no longer allow minors 2. it simply mentioned the word semen and had a white liquid

Additional Information: let me make cum jokes damnit

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Yep, this one nolonger makes sense.

Do take note that we still dont welcome full on public degeneracy, but mention of the funny white sticky for a joke or whatever should be fine.

will be removing the warning

Warning has been removed.
Looks like you’re still tempbanned anyways though? :thinking:
well not my problem.