Seudood banned by ivniinvi

Title: seudood banned by ivniinvi

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban on all command staff
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
I hung myself at roundstart as CMO
Appeal Reason:
I did absolutely fuck up by just hanging myself instead of cryoing. I needed to leave for a family issue, but I never learned how to use cryo. I saw that there were no admins on, so I didn’t ask to have a ghost take over me. I thought hanging myself would be better than just permanently going afk. Looking back on it, there were a number of things I should’ve done instead. I should’ve either looked up how to cryo, or used the discord to let an admin know that I had to leave.
Additional Information:
I don’t have a whole lot of hours in SS13, and have never gotten to play most of the command roles. I would’ve liked to try them at least. I could understand a temporary ban, but a permanent ban from all command without warning seems a bit much to me. If you have any issues with my appeal, please let me know.

The permanent was so you could come here and explain, and understand why that was bad. Always ahelp before cryoing as a head of staff, even if it doesn’t look like there are any admins online. Now that you understand what you should do in the future, I am in support of lifting this, although a full admin must process it.

Ok, thank you. Can I ask how long it would take for a full admin to process it?

Ban lifted - like ivnii said make sure to ahelp before cryo-ing as a head of staff even if no admins are on.