Server rule to round remove griefers on sight

If someone joins with a clearly meme name and starts spamming chat with images or copypasta, or otherwise griefing, a rule would be useful to allow players to round remove them on the spot when no admins are on.

I caught a spammer just as they got their first message out in a round today, but I can’t really IC do anything about it aside from distruptive comms charge. So ahelping and waiting for admin was the only other option, this took a long time and the griefer managed to plasma flood.

Perhaps even an automated message over security channel that a person with 0h 0day joined. Like admins get but framed for IC consumption.


Kero would wager that taking matters into your own hands would not be punished if an attempt to contact staff was made and failed.

Kero also advises caution in assuming grief however; the cost of being wrong is quite steep and even having the proposed rule would not likely change that - only encourage valid-hunting.


Someone joined a round today with the same “Sir Amogus PHD” or something but no admins were online.

Dude didn’t grief though, which was surprising.

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That’s the guy, he did plasmaflood.


Ah, then big oof

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Just claim insanity and throw them into the gulag with no radio.


Yes, you shouldn’t take matters into your own hands regarding server rules, it’s a terrible mindset and is ever rarely productive.

Although no one is gonna blame you if you executed the plasmaflooder named “Amogus” who’s been sending ascii over comms.

He did.

Although I would advise other methods than round removing because they are less risky administrative wise, and can be more fun. Just throw them in a cell without a radio and ping adminhelp on discord to have someone check it out.


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