Server attack speculation thread

So I and like two other players have wound up with choppier gameplay for some reason of late, is anyone else experiencing the game being choppy in looks and semi-unresponsive in some places?

Well turns out it’s cause of the servers being under attack by dirtbags who hate fun.
@Rust thanks for pointing this out, I probably wouldn’t have realized.

so for the sake of just talking on the forums, I want to hear what folks have to say about it.

Make a github issue or comment on a TM you suspect is causing it, or it is much less likely to get fixed.

TiDi was at 6% like 15 minutes ago, and now it’s at 1%. I am not sure what was causing it. The current round is lag-less for now.

The status and uptime page is useful so your not stuck thinking its a game problem

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this makes so much sense.

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