Serket banned by Winterdarkraven

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All servers
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Deliberately unsynced cyborgs to give them unique laws as a roboticist. Didn’t understand why unsyncing silicons is bad. They’re synced for a reason. This resulted in silicon deaths due to confusion – you’re responsible for the deaths.

Appeal Reason:
Although I agree I do share some of the responsibility for the borgs deaths, I think more blame lands on sec. So to explain everything I’ll start with my side. I decided I wanted to do a bit where I declared the station Ireland and myself as the king, not actually doing anything just yelling about it on comms. I created a few unlinked borgs (So I could edit their laws for this bit) and gave them the simple joke law “Edward Irish is the rightful king of the station”. After that I sent them off to yell at the captain and make fun of them for not being the king. Later sec finds out there are unsynced borgs and start talking about arresting robotics, I actually met a few officers in the hall and partially explained to them that the borgs just had a joke law and didn’t pose a threat. I was still arrested for it (fair enough) and all the borgs where locked. Although once the rd realized it was just a joke law, he unlocked them.

Now with all that context we can get to the juicy bits. While I was sitting in brig peacefully one of my borgs sat on the outside and watched. The hos was there too and asked him to state laws just to make sure he was still crewsimov and safe, which he was. The borg, who all of sec knew was unlinked and had a fourth law, was left completly alone by all of sec for the next five minutes. Untill he started insulting the hos for giving me to much time. The hos then flashed him and double lasered him to death for “being unlinked”. I offered to repair the borg and relink him but the hos simply responded with “only if you want me to break it again.”

Additional Information:
Again I take full responsibility for inciting this, I should definitely had made it clearer to the rd that I was doing this. However I don’t think the responsibility of the borgs deaths should be shouldered squarely by me.


You do realize that we suspected the borgs to be emagged.
It’s not even about breaking the rules being blamed for the borg deaths.

Silicons are hella racist and we almost started to kill each other if not for the AI to find a good enough solution with minimal damage for both sides

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The borgs weren’t emaged and that’s easy enough to prove, I may be wrong but I think the rd even cleared the borgs? And the whole ban was about me being responsible for the borgs deaths by unlinking them.


its really easy to find out, why did you think the borgs were emagged?

what do you mean by this?

mmmh, what?

killing the borg?

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As far as I know you can see if they are emaged at first glance as soon as you open them with ID of robo which I assume from narrative was nearby. Even if not rebuilding the Borg should help, you dont have to just delete them out right.

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Well also, at least I think it was well known they weren’t emaged. When the hos killed the borg he said it was because it was unlinked, not emaged.

ok as the det who was pretty much at the center of this madness. and around HOS
i can state the following—

-most of sec knew the borgs did not have malitious laws behind them.
half of us got aware of the whole issue over the fact that the borgs where stating irish things. having irish in their name. and answering to irish quite a lot

-HOS very much knew borgs where not malitious they stated their laws infront of him
-we figured it was NOT an emag pretty fast via the above(and the fact that edward had no Emag on him when we detained him)

-i dont know what exactly happened between HOS and that borg he murdered. (i was dealing with other shit in brig) all i know is at some point he just pulled his gun and blasted a service borg to death. for seemingly no reason at all.

if the ban’s main issue is over the HOS gunning down the borg. i say its bullshit. that HOS just murdered a practically inocent borg out of nowhere.

if the ban’s main issue is the laws themselves. its not the first time a person gets banned over meme laws. at least he got it easy with just 1 day.


Security that broke the rules were dealt with. You’re responsible for doing something you shouldn’t, which lead to silicon deaths.

One day isn’t long. If you agree you won’t do this again and the suspension is fine, why appeal?

Second opinions in-coming.


So, lets say if I build a bridge and someone jumps off the bridge and dies, it’s my fault?

All I did was build the bridge, I could have made I suspension bridge yeah or a different type of bridge, or I could have done nothing to the bridge, truth is sec took a chance to kill a borg they saw was in their way on MRP, they just killed and round removed a player (if i’m getting this right)


How so?

Well that’s the thing, I’m not actually sure what I did that was against the rules. Granted it would have made it much less of a headache for rd if I told him about this beforehand so he didn’t have to go through the trouble of locking them. But I cant actually find any rule that says a roboticist cant unlink a borg if they have an adequate rp reason to do so.

[Edit: I also don’t really see how I contributed to the silicon deaths in any major way, granted I started the issue by making unlinked borgs and not telling people. But this confusion was quickly dissipated. The borg deaths seem to be soley caused by the Hos breaking rules.]

And yeah you where really lenient with the ban which I’m grateful for, I can see how a robo uploading custom laws can seem really bad on the surface. But I don’t think the ban is justified and I’d rather not have it permanently slapped on my history.

If it’s that easy then tell me all the ways you can find out if a borg is emagged and also all the ways you can hide the fact that a borg is emagged.

Also think about this from a perspective of a borg that gets his commands from an AI who can only see the game via cameras and not inspect the unsynched borgs

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I mean we arent discussing if its a bad idea to unsync borgs or difficulty of telling if something is emagged. All that matters is, did he break the rules? Which rules?

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just… open the cover? it glitches if emagged…

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I’d say it’s breaking SoP since it’s explicitly stated that only Captain and Rd can change ai/borg laws
if they have another head’s permission.

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I thought the SoP was only a requirement for heads, and recommended for others(ie not following SoP is only bannable if you are a head)?

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While a good point it isn’t really relevant, as the security who did kill the borgs where perfectly aware they where not emaged.

And quickly I would like to go over my opinion on all the parties involved.

Did nothing wrong

Did nothing wrong

Broke sop with an rp reason (as gimmacky as it is)
and suffered valid ic punishment.

Blatantly broke R2 and R3

Also I would like to look at the ban reason as well

I don’t really understand why unsyncing is bad if you have a valid reason to do it? I even made a forum to get the community’s opinion and I’m yet to see a comment that disagrees with me. Even if it is bad, it is my first offence so a note would be much more applicable then a ban.

The deaths as far as I could tell had nothing to do with confusion, if you do pull up the logs the borg that was killed had no confusion about it whatsoever at the time of it’s death. The only confusion I saw was the three bystanders being shocked when the hos executed a borg seemingly just for insulting him. So if anyone should be blamed for the silicon deaths, it should be the hos, not me.

i think as a robo you shouldnt unsync borgs for no reason or add laws to them without getting the approval of the RD or captain.
But i think the ban is for its length ok as the situation lead to the death of some borgsand is probally a warning to not do this king of behaviour again but to my personnal opnion it should have been a note as he has no notes regarding such behavior.

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As far as I am aware, the HoS player was also dealt with for this, and my dead borg chassis in security did end up getting restored after the resolved ticket.

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Hehe still a little sleep deprived huh?

Jokes aside, I completely agree with you, I definitely should have talked to the rd or captain first. But I think simply breaking sop and getting a valid ic punishment is really only note worthy if anything. On the other hand there where sec that round who killed known non threats. The fact that the borg deaths seem to be the primary reason behind my ban seems off to me, because I think it’s clear sec deserve most if not all of the blame for the borg deaths.