Separate Archive for Old Circuits

This probably belongs in Suggestions but:

With the introduction of TG Wiremod or whatever it’s called, I feel like we should delete, or otherwise remove obsolete Guides in the circuit category to reduce clutter.

Might actually revive the channel that’s been dead for Half a year.

  • Leave as Is(Status Quo)
  • Clean Slate(Remove all obsolete)
  • Archive(Separate the obsolete)

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I’d be easy enough to make an “Obselete” tag and apply them, since there arent too many threads.

Though a specific subforum doesn’t seem necessary anymore since one of the points of new circuits is that you can’t copy paste, and it might be good to not encourage it.

Not that all advice is bad, but it should be with the idea that you’ll learn from and it make your own things, instead of mere imitation.

Aaaah I voted for the wrong one, I meant to archive

I went ahead and tagged all of the old stuff as obsolete and locked their threads.

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