Sentience potions on Syndicate simplemobs are kind of whack

Sentience potions make you loyal to your master, which is kind of weird considering your master will be an NT scientist (probably).

I think Syndicate Commandos/Stormtroopers/Etc should be ruled as retaining their loyalty to the Syndicate. It would make the RP a lot less forced/off the rails - just make it self antagging to sentience them if you’re not a traitor.

Would keep the feature in the game, for some fun creative tater gameplay possibilities.

Of course you could just patch it out, but where’s the fun in that?

probably best to make it so sentience potions don’t work on them since they are supposed to be people


It’s one of the few hard to achieve funny gimmicks, please stop attempting to remove fun


Do we really wanna remove ghost role chances? Guys, c’mon. Round removal is boring already.


personally, I dislike sentience potions in general but I understand why people like them so much since we have so many people who round remove everyone they can get their grubby little hands on



Also yeah… This is more of an unintended exploit than a feature… Should be able to add the same flag that denies sentience potions from being used on Megafauna should it be pressing enough.

What would be best is if humanoid-parallel simple mobs couldn’t be produced by the reaction.

Add them to the blacklist that already exists I say. Even in the fantasy setting that we’re creating random life from almost nothing, it makes no sense that you create a fully formed, armored, armed and loyal to the syndicate human from that reaction.

Create a random braindead human? Sure, but not one with memories and loyalties.

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I agree with Pavliko. This is very easy to see as a simple issue that needs fixing, but it’s a difficult gimmick that could be fun if pulled off correctly.

I think this should be a rules thing and not a “remove from existence” thing, just on principle. Really easy rule to enforce, too, I’d imagine.

I don’t see this being anything but patched out but there’s my two cents anyway I guess

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Sorry but no fun allowed.

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i think we should remove sentience potions tbh

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