Security tools, evidence, and other stuff

put sec lathe in armory, (makes the warden not sit on his ass all day when theres sec, encourages interaction between sec and bigby, lethal armory is in an locker in armory but you can print lethals???)

or make some ammo unprintable on green alert(,incentivises the use of the alert system)

Security vendor for seccies where the warden can put stuff for other seccies to take


Gives sec full equipment instead of taking it from lockers,

Evidence storage being a chem fridge thing but for sec where it accepts stuff in evidence bags, if emagged it will just drop all evidence

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I condone this proposition.

Im pretty sure this isnt a new idea
honestly i coulda sworn we did this infact
but i guess not?

We should though, why would the thing that printy the future tech weapons NOT be in the armory

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Its because its mapping standard to have a techfab for a given department accessible for the entire department, its just that there happens to be research for weapons/ammo and that’s what a techfab is for.

We should honestly not break a convention that has been in place for who knows how long just for “hurr sec needs nerf”

I agree that the Techfab present in the sec Offices should remain there, some times you need a SEClite, some E-bolas, a sec barrier projector or night vision sec hud if Sci has decided to give you a treat.

the wide and murder hobo salavation inducing selection of shotgun shells however, like the incendiary, dart, buckshot, slug and unloaded shells, along side the 4 lethal ranged weapons shouldn’t be in that list of Sec office tech fab toys.

taking an axe to the locker of shotgun shells (or WT mags on corg), replacing it with an armory lathe and giving the HoS’ or Warden’s locker a lathe spare board.

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Personnally I think the sec lathe should only unlock lethal weapons and stuff when Emagged/blue alert +, why?
_Makes it harder for antags to sneakily grab ammo/gear/whatever from the sec lathe (the room is easy to break into for a reason).
_Makes it easier for antags to sabotage sec (Armory is already super easy to blow, adding the ability to shut down back up weapon production and ammo is not super good)

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i think we should remove lathes and give equipment to the cargo console


Cargo locking stuff is an even worse idea.

we should remove security and readd secborgs

but crew interaction is good!

too far fetched for our current meta

could just… make a second sec lathe which sits in the armoury… one dedicated to weapons tech and ammo. Base one would stay in its same locations and contain non lethal and detention, easy and common access.

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zased response honestly???

We should just ban weapons outright and force sec into shoving matches. If they need equipment they have to ring cargo to bring them.


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