Securing the secure briefcase

Secure briefcase + cuffs interaction
currently one good slip from a clown or a wet floor patch or a disarm means the secure case is gone taken by an assistant into the maints to be lost forever.

To combat this i would like to suggest the ability to cuff the briefcase to your arm.

Doing this will cause you to lose the use of one of your hands due to not being able to drop the briefcase and it will use the handcuffs in the process.

removing the cuffs from a person can be done through standard methods gibbing, amputation and the like but also like cracking the safe using a stethoscope that should also be an option for the very sneaky and robust of you

I’m not really a fan of this idea. The only other method of drop prevention is the anti drop implant, which can be countered via EMP. This basically requires you to buy an e sword and break the guys arm.

Also, there’s the fact that people could just as easily use this as toolbox 2.0. I’m pretty sure briefcase does the same damage as a toolbox, so doing this would make the user pretty much undisarmable.

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Thats a fair assessment im sure we can tweak some removal options for it for example a wirecutters on help intent to the cuffed arm cutting the cuffs chains after a few seconds to save having to buy an esword just to get the case.

this method has been used for years as a low tech method to secure a precious cargo in a case and when referring to people using it as a ghetto antidrop security have more than enough tools to subdue a person and cuffs are pretty rare outside of security so i dont for see everyone using it