Secret project reveal, Bee Minecraft server!

The title was most likely a clickbait.
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If you are reading this, you are probably sad, If you feel like you have no meaning, why not join the religion of Bearaxe? We accept all people.

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is this the great admin civil war
you have the openers
and the closers

I can’t be stopped.

Gamers rise up.

this was better when it was closed

this administration, amirite

I love you.

Say it back.

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it back.

bottom text

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The thread cannot be locked no matter how hard we try

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I wonder if this is actually locked at all.

How about this, everyone who posts after this is gay

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wooa ghh fuck aa h fcuk a w a a


bruh why

yo it needs 10 likes before it can be opened again

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Fuck you nerd. I’ll open it FOR FREE

hooray for freedom and saying random shit in here


Jannies getting hot pockets shitpost in here while you can!