Sec and captain role restricted traitor items

because any seccie would kill for the fucking cqc manual/combat gloves plus

The second I saw the thread title, I fucking knew it was you.

you talk about it like its a bad thing

before giving cap and sec uniqe items (who cant be tators) i think we should give qm, and all the other jobs that dont have uniqe tator items some love

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  • Krav maga gloves 2.0. 12 TC: Increases your fist damage, grants aggro grab, allows you to karate chop walls, and bullrush people several tiles ahead of you, sending them flying backwards, stunning them if they hit a wall. Grants some stun resistance.

  • Mindslave implant box: 8 TC: Looks like a box of mindshields, but when implanted, forces the victim to obey whoever implanted them. (shameless idea swipe)

Security guard:

  • Poisoned handcuffs: 8 TC: When applied to the person, they git the “you feel a tiny prick” message. The handcuffs have a tiny dart inside them, and fill the person with poison upon cuffing. Filled with mute toxin and lexorin. Cannot be reused.

  • Sonic Security mask: 12 TC: Looks just like the default security mask, but when you hit the button that tells people to halt, you scream “I AM THE LAW!!!,” unleashing a sonic blast from the speaker, deafening and stunning all around you. Additionally, can fire a sonic blast, which knocks people and items infront of you backwards, stunning them, and potentially harming them if they hit a wall, or an item hits them.

  • The harm baton: 9 TC: It looks like a regular stun baton, but on impact, electrocutes the victim, as well as shoving them, as if they were hit with a baseball bat. Can be defended against via insuls or hardsuits.


  • Judge, jury, executioner: 13 TC: A special pistol with 5 bullets. More can be bought via PDA. 35 damage each, ballistic weapon. Bullets track any one who is wanted.

Warden get’s access to all security officer gear, and HoS get’s access to both warden and sec officer gear.


  • The captain’s bounty: Technically not an item, but being the captain has it’s perks, and the syndicate knows that. When you roll traitor captain, all items are on discount, and you have access to all special items from other traitor roles.

For real though, I wish the sonic security mask was a real thing, but with a different name. I love the idea of blowing people away with my voice. Would be a fun traitor item.

uh how about no my pal. While sec can steal uplinks, they cant be traitors. why would syndies put shit in the uplink for em

That’s what I was thinking, but I didn’t wanna say anything. Really, the syndicate would probably just have the thing self destruct if it somehow could tell a sec was using it.

add uniqe tator items for the non sec roles who lack them

Definitely, no argument here.

Captain: CBT Machine.
Pretty epic if ya ask me

oh yea gotta have the cbt machine

or at least the paddle that the teachers got in schools in the olden days to paddle the bad kids on the bum

So 20 TC, perma locks person in there and makes them feel pain for a long time until they get rescued or a merciful god kills them, they scream during the whole torture and get the copypasta over and over by an speaker on the machine.
Pretty op but obvious but fun but CBT

yea gotta at least have some kind of meme item in there at least

the failsafe uplink code is a traitor item that exists

Half the traitor armory is legit memes and references about other things.

you talk about it like it’s a bad thing

I just meant that “we need more meme items” isn’t really needed, because half the item already are.

if you added the McDonald’s cheeseburger as a role restricted cook traitor item, do you think it would be a good meme or a bad one

Too obvious.

Needs more ketchup.

What would it do though.

It would insta fat somone.
¿How does that help you ask? LISTEN HERE YOU REATARD MINT TOXIN