Scott Langley Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: Scott Langley Player Report
   CKEY: Bazongo

   Your Discord: mike#1852

   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Scott Langley

   Date (03-08-2021)

   Round Number: 27710, 27709,  27708

   Rules Broken: LRP, Rule 3: Griefing

   Incident Description: 

So in round 27708 scott langley decided to be a shitter the whole round pretending to be a ling in a ling round by using meth simulating the anti stun buff, hiding their ID, wearing gas mask etc, and running away from me and the HOS all shift. They stole sec gear too, so I’m not just whining about being trolled. This wasted a lot of time for us and at the end he was not even a ling! He did this for like 40 minutes straight. Didnt report at this point because I dont think it’s even that bad on its own. But there’s more.

The round after this (27709) he got traitor and after killing his target played the round in the exact same way as 27708 running around being a nuisance baiting security except also shooting me since he was antag (which is LRP as he got away with his crime/objectives, why shoot sec for no reason risking getting caught?). He was definitely pretending to be an antagonist the previous round by his modus operandi being the same and at that point I was 100% convinced he was a griefer/shitter. Still didn’t report yet.

Here comes round 27710 where continues being a shitter immediately breaking into teleporter room <5 minutes into the round as non antag. I was forced to become a sec officer to arrest as there were none at the time when I didnt really want to. Some time during the shift i became a mid round traitor with the objective to kill scott langley, wow that’s actually super cool! Except it wasnt. The second time he got arrested in the round by someone other than me, he was brought into security jail and just suicided which in my opinion is LRP. I was planning to poison him in the cell to get my revenge, but he just killed himself before his sentence was close to finishing. I didnt even have time to do it.

Basically this guy was a negative influence 3 rounds in a row and didnt allow others to have fun by suiciding mid action when he was having his own griefer fun at my and others expense for a few rounds in a row, I think that deserves a note at the very least.

Ailhate is his ckey, found it on a russian forum player report :rofl:

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If he was a clown then this is pretty based. If he was a greytider then yeah hes just a shitter.

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Assistant with gasmask on, so yeah. Greyshitter. I would not have cared if it was clown.

Player permanently banned for what is essentially griefing rounds already.

Report processed.