Schuggi999 Banned by winterdarkraven

Schuggi999 Banned for 3 Days
Title: CKEY Banned by Admin CKEY


Admin’s CKEY: dont know

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Only on Sage

Ban Type: temporary

Ban Length: 3 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 20.06.2021

Round ID:30673

Ban Reason: Breaking MRP - Hitting Shuttle Consoles with a Chainsaw.

Appeal Reason: I dont find it justyfied to recieve a 3 Day Bann for destroying shuttle consoles at the last few minutes of the Escape.
My Action did not affect the Roleplay expirence of any other player.
A few minutes before an Engineer broke into the shuttle ´s Bride using the Deconstruction Tool. If you decide to view the MRP so strictly at that point how is his action justified RP? And how come he didnt face any repercussions. Also didnt even got time to explain myself you just banned me before i could even answer your call.
Additional Information:

Translation: I don’t find it justified to recieve a 3 day ban for breaking shuttle consoles during the last few minutes of the escape
My action did not affect the roleplay experience of any other player
A few minutes before an engineer broke into the shuttle’s bridge using the Deconstruction Tool (presumably RCD).
If you are enforcing the rules so strictly how is his action justified?
How come he wasn’t banned?
Also, I didn’t even get a chance to explain myself, you banned me before I could even answer the bwoink.

Just for sake of readability, as much as this is technically an insult to how you type, it makes things clearer. No insult meant.

I did not witness the entire escape shuttle event, I only saw a bartender with a chainsaw smashing equipment without a reason.

I was not aware of an engineer, no one reported him. The engineer got away with it.

Can you give any roleplay reason why your character wants to smash the shuttle Bridge? Waiting on second opinions.

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No dispute over the incident.
No reason given in the opening post why they would do this just the tired old “ I saw someone else do bad thing so my bad thing was okay cause they got away”

Keep it.

Stated above.

Sage is for roleplay. Keep in mind you aren’t allowed to destroy equipment on LRP, but I have allowed you to come to Golden. Golden LRP suits your playstyle.

You can join Golden at:

Try not to break anymore things.

Appeal denied.