Schroeddinger Seyvah (Unknown CKEY) report

In-game report:

CKEY: tayloriguess

Your Discord: taylor#0991

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Schroeddinger Seyvah

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/18/2022

Round Number: 39352

Rules Broken: Rule 7, Rule 8

Incident Description: As Captain, declared the Station as “America” and told me to order guns and hand them out to the crew as QM. I later said it was a bad idea and that we should take peoples guns away for which she shot me to death in a durand just before the evac shuttle came. Once I was dead she proceeded to continue shooting my corpse and attempted to prevent the CMO from retrieving my corpse to revive

Additional Information: Also made a few repeated references to something I had done which annoyed her in a previous round, including on the reason for shuttle call


I highly question the Captain’s actions all throughout that round, but a small correction as the CMO - they didn’t attempt to stop me from reviving you or getting the body, they were just blocking the evac airlock with the mech and moved it out of the way when I approached.


they also wordlessly murdered a rp’ing traitor who tried to some negotiation rp thingy
technically not against the rules but this is why we cant have fun antag shifts

and encoraged validhunting. why else would there be an RD and explorer running around in space with a jetpack gunning down tots


I latejoined as sec during this shift, only to see everyone with guns and people screaming AMERICA!! and variations of it. I left not long after.


she also put the AI on the american lawset at the start of the shift

also during a “presidential debate” i led (since i was the lawyer) after i decided to leave when things got way too chaotic and guns started being pointed around at people (including me), the captain ran after me to shoot me with a security autorifle. she didnt chase after me after i went off screen but i guess it would be worth mentioning


I played sec for my second time ever this shift, captain was taking peoples crimes to an extreme all shift with only the execution of an antag feeling like an accurate call… this shift made learning sec very difficult with all the craziness

I was the Warden during this shift. I didn’t figure that the captain was the one who changed the AI to the American lawset. I thought it was an Ion law. Being mostly in the brig, I stayed the hell out of the issue.

The HoS had explicitly told me: “Regardless of the AI, we’re NOT handing out any weapons without my say so!” and that was done. When the AI asked me to procure weapons to the crew, I avoided conflict by deflecting: I told the AI to go find the QM if they wish to order guns.

I was under the constant impression the Captain tried to avoid conflict with the AI and as such just went with the America gimmick. I did NOT know the Captain was the instigator of it and murdered someone for questioning it, too. I genuinely thought that it was a round gimmick and didn’t question it too much. In fact I even played along with the Captain at the escape shuttle by shouting “USA! USA!” while patrolling in an armed exosuit. I didn’t even realize that mech was used to grief a player.

The effects on the round that I observed are as follows:

  • Frequent blue on blue incidents. Be it friendly fire or escalation. Usually not deadly but med had a lot of work that round.

  • A traitor or two got COMPLETELY obliterated by a well armed crew. We’re talking, crew with combat shotguns, SWAT suits and laserguns. Despite how hectic the round was, the fact that crew was quasi militarized, meant any antag who attempted resistance was usually shot. In fact, we’ve only had one major antag in the brig all shift, whom the Captain promptly executed if I remember correctly.

  • The security department was in a constant state of unease. There’s really no easy way to conduct random searches when the person you’re trying to search is better armed than you are. I tried to do my part by issuing extra equipment to the officers, but … At that point there was little difference between crew and security. Attempting to disarm the crew would result in immediate security obliteration, and I think everyone in the department understood that. We did NOT want to fuck with such a well armed crew.

  • The captain DID approve and uphold the crew’s second amendement rights when security personnel questionned them for it. We could’ve probably attempted to contain the situation when it was beginning, but the Captain went along with it. We did as the captain did, with the exception of keeping our equipment to ourselves. It took me a while to process as I once held someone at gunpoint for openly carrying a lasergun right in front of the brig … Until I remembered that it’s their second amendement rights as ordered by the Captain and AI.


This player has had repeated LRP behavior since they began playing here. Pretty much everything in the report was accurate.
You need to make a significant change in your behavior if you want to keep playing here. Otherwise, I’d recommend another server.

Report accepted.

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