Schneckenhof banned by zodrakdovah



Admin’s CKEY:


Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Both Apparently. Even though, I think I’ve only played on Medium RP once.

Ban Type:

Server, probably global

Ban Length:

One Day

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):


Round ID:


Ban Reason:

Official reason as stated on message: “Ick Ock Has had many warnings of this and still does not want to follow the rules.”

Ban Reason as I understand it:

I was banned for Ick Ock during last 19 seconds of the round. I basically fell off the shuttle and stated as much.

I believe my last words were (paraphrasing here) something along the lines of: “Welp, no more Leroxin for you guys, I fell off the shuttle. Good luck.” – For the record I was an emagged mediborg.

I suppose that this did technically reveal my antag status after I was floating in the cold vacume of space in the last 20 seconds of the shift.

I also suppose I could have typed “o” for OOC when I meant to type “;” for General Comms.
I honestly don’t recall. I was floating in space with 19 seconds left to go.

Typo or not, I plead guilty of the charge of Ick to the Ock.

Appeal Reason:

In one word: Excessive

–The ban as handed down is excessive for the crime of ick ock. Crime was committed during the last 19 seconds of the round before round end.
– Only warning I can recall specifically directed towards me was from this same particular admin approximately 8 weeks ago.
–Ban was very swift and enacted between 10 seconds before roundend, and I was booted before the server restarted. (Never been banned before, unfamiliar with the process, so it seemed unusually swift. Like an admin version of a speed trap.)
–Ban was for both Bee Servers despite my having played the Medium RP I think once.
–Ban was for an entire day over what I perceive to be a relatively minor offense in the last 19 seconds of the round.

Only other offense on record in forums (also ick ock) was dated 7-25-19 (3 months ago). I started actually learning to play properly around that time. Some newbie mistakes are inevitable, although I am making fewer and fewer mistakes.

Otherwise between that time and now, I have been a model citizen according to Beestation’s own record keeping.

Also See additional information section for context on the round.

I would note that while I am not perfect, I am improving and tempering my use of OOC chat and I now rarely use it when compared to my first couple of months playing the game (I started around May of this year, and played more often over the summer particularly July/August).

I do admit guilt, and also am attempting to be more mindful that the last 30 seconds of the round is still considered a part of the round.

Additional Information:

Regarding the round:

Some other antag had bombed the shuttle, destroying most of it, and killing nearly everyone on board. I was an Emagged mediborg (without a master…since they had died earlier in round). I decided it was more merciful to dispense death than try to resurrect people while on a shuttle in a hard Vacuume.

While in the performance of these grim duties I slipped off the edge of the shuttle and into space with about 19 seconds remaining in the round.

I don’t really have anything more to add here. I leave it to the jury to draw conclusions.

You have 1 OOC ban and a note regarding ick ock from another Admin. I’d still say that that it should have been an OOC ban instead of a server ban.

Meh. I honestly didn’t know if it was worth posting about. Ban’s up in a couple hours anyways. Just wanted to put down a record because it seemed really silly to slap me with that with 19 seconds to go considering the context.

I agree that an OOC ban would have been much more approporiate.

Welp, the ban is up in a couple of hours, and i’m going to bed.

May I propose that we just run out the clock and call it “time served” for now?

I don’t see any point in dragging this out needlessly or getting hit with another type of ban for opting to appeal this one after some internal debate.

I will just try and be more mindful of potential ick ock going forwards.

Besides I’ve pestered you admins about coding and other stuff too much already today.

Yeah this is a bad ban. Not much I can do about it now other than yell at Dovah and unbean.