SCAV Lore sugestion thread

Ok so this is a thread about the SCAV lore. so far nothing is final but this is what I have been going after when we have made the ship.

SCAV is mainly a recycling company that is based on the scrap planet. a planet whos entire surface is coverd by a giant junkyard. SCAV is the dominant corporation on the planet after a century long scrap war where they drove out all competition from of world that recently ended and now they are looking into expanding their operations to other areas.
So now they are hiring independent contractors to gather scrap in space to hopefully scavenge new hightech machines from destroyed NT and syndicate facilities (like ss13 is soon to be). but they are under strict orders to not attack anny of the parties as SCAV is not even near the level of influence to come close to chalenge eather organisation.
all of their tech is based on old technology they have found in their junkyards. and is asembled from the same materials.
they dont have an armed force per say but all their workers are expected to suply their own weapons in case they are attacked and fight together in their workteams to fend of the asailants.

@1glitchycent any ideas on S.C.A.V lore? Come with it here. Might be better than the current idea for it

Dude who needs lore just have a buncha dudes who steal junk bruh

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We need lore because lore is awesome.

Unless it’s ERP lore or it’s needlessly confusing.

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the lore is mostly to help decide what kind of stuff they should get and how they get it. it helps explain things about them and makes descriptions and such easier to do.

Madmax in space as a corporation? sounds cool.

So SCAV lore
SCAV contractors share very little uniformity across, the salvage ships, though most are low tech and as seen in the game, literally welded together from the scraps of other ships, I’d assume some successful scavengers would have ships with dedicated scavenging equipment(perhaps a goon style ore magnet for when all ruins are looted as something the scavs can buy) and are refitted to look better with surplus materials. The contractors themselves tend to be grouped simply by proximity, and usually there’s no organization, though some more successful teams are well organized on who does what. The usual employees of SCAV are generally low skilled workers who have nowhere else to go. On occasion well organized salvage teams will be hired, at great benefit to SCAV and themselves, reeling in massive hauls of ore and tech. When it is said that SCAV great benefits, it’s true, valuable hauls of old Sol-Gov tech, or the remains of whatever ruined research station that was left to rot can grant massive amounts of reputation and pay for the SCAV team and the corporation as a whole.

Those were just some ideas I had, please give some more stuff for me to write fluff about.

I like it but there should be a distinction between scav work groups on the scrap world (their homeworld and only real controlled area) and the contractors hired for salvaging in space.

Like on the scrap world (posible away mission maybe) it’s while still not being professional soldiers the members of the work crews share close bonds and like the Boer kommandos can stand up to any professional army on their home turf. They are also often veterans of the scrap wars (the reason S.C.A.V operates it’s own arsenal is so it could supply it’s troops during said conflict) and knows their way around the piles of junk both how to find what’s salvageable and how to use it to always be one step ahead of any hostiles who dare encroach on their salvage claim.

And then you have the contractors. People with a ship atleast somewhat “space worthy” who are given in return for signing a contract to sell all they find to scav are given somewhat advanced machinery to facilitate export and import to their ship on the go. These are anything but uniform in quality or skill, some got a cobbled together piece of crap that can’t do much except travel others have modified low end commercial vessels. Generally these contractors aren’t well equipped and sometimes even lack internal cohesion. Scav hires them because it’s cheaper than the alternative of creating their own fleet from the ground up just to preform something a bunch of desperate sods in junk ship’s could do for a fraction of the price.

Also we need a poster with a scav workman looking of into the distance with the text
" S.C.A.V
Calling dibs"