Scarwolff Banned By PowerfulBacon


**Admin’s CKEY:**PowerfulBacon

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**MRP

**Ban Length:**3 Days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**08/02/2020

**Round ID:**12313

**Ban Reason:**MRP only. Killed the AI because they called the shuttle as well as powergaming on MRP. (But this is mainly for the whole killing the AI thing)

**Appeal Reason:**My man you didn’t get the whole story and ban makes it sound like I killed the AI only because they called the shuttle once, what happened is that on MRP I was Rping as a raving irish alcholic, when like two walls broke the Command staff decided to call the shuttle and get out because they couldn’t be asked to fix stuff. Meanwhile at cargo me and boys had just set up an Irish pub and was about to start having fun right. The shuttle called and obviously this would make a raving irish alchohlic pretty pissed off as we just finished this project we’ve been doing and hadnt had time to use it. So In a fit of rage I go into secure storage and take the comms board (because command ahd destroyed the console), now earlier some tider had stolen the captains spare or something and was giving everyone AA, so I log in and try to recall but the AI cuts the power to the room, and keeps doing it, this infuriates the whole of the cargo department and looking for someone to enact their anger on (and to try and recall the damn shuttle) they go for the AI who fucked over the recall, in the last 2 minutes of the shift I broke into the AI shuttle and punched the AI to death as revenge for fucking up an raving Irish mans chance at a beer. I didnt just kill him for calling the shuttle I killed him for fucking up our chance to recall. (The devil made me green [hulk] earlier in the round as a testament to ireland) And I got no clue how I was “powergaming” because all the equipment (literally just hulk from devil and AA from greytider) i had wasn’t to make me stronger It was for a defined purpose. Look I’m sorry If I ruined the AIs last 2 minutes of the shift, but destroying it was completely justified and not just duely to how he had recalled the shuttle.

You still killed the AI for doing its job and calling the shuttle, while there was a space dragon on station and people trying to suicide bomb security.
However, willing to reduce down to 1 day since it was near the end of the round and you had some sort of RP thing to do with this, but will not completely remove this ban.