Scando banned by zodrakdovah

CKEY: scando

Admin’s CKEY: zodrakdovah

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: lrp

Ban Type: job

Ban Length: five days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-11-03 15:55

Round ID: 8707

Ban Reason: Rolled as an IAA, got exposed and killed by the HOP, got holopara ghost role, his host was being arrested and complied because there was no proof, the player arresting his host was the HOP that killed him, he exposed himself as a holopara to try to kill the hop metagrudge style, when questioned why he exposed him by his host he responded with “You didn’t tell me not to.” appeal on the forums if you believe unjust.

Appeal Reason: This is a complete misinterpretation of the events. I still don’t understand what I have done wrong here. Metagrudging for simply mentioning the HOP had killed me before and my ticket hadn’t been responded to?.

First of all yes I did talk it was my first time playing stand and I did not know about the communication option(Admin did not educate me on this feature in the ticket.) Which is what the mentioned “You didn’t tell me not to.” was referring to.

Now on the killing of the HOP, first of all, this was not metagrudging whatsoever. The hop was arresting my host and I hit him a couple of times. I did not kill him he died from space exposure from being teleported outside. I understand my stand user did not explicitly tell me to defend him at that moment. But he was stunned and being cuffed so it seemed like a good time to take the initiative. My host even agreed I made the right decision while we were held in admin jail.

I suggest removing this ban as first of all the ahelp was for me talking, which I have educated myself on. Banning me for metagrudging does not make sense, as one, the HOP attacked us first with no provocation. Two, there is not even proof that I metagrudged, I simply mentioned that the HOP had executed me without authorization or reason and my ticket had not been responded to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider my case.

Additional Information:

I am the stand user, I did not know what was going on in your ahelp, so I couldn’t comment. I have come to shed light, but I do not want anybody to harbor any ill feelings or intent, so please, bear with me.

The ahelp was because the stand was openly talking in public when I was running in corridors, intentionally. To me, what solidified this as griefing and not a mistake was that you were fighting me about it.

I was already very mad at this point, because I had to re-roll my stand, due to the previous person having to go for good (Both I and the previous stand ahelped this so his body would be offered to ghosts, but there was no reply until much further into the round, and this caused a lot of issues).

Now, what I want to address is the whole hop thing.
If he had not come out to defend me, I would have died. I was never mad at him for that, it wouldn’t make sense to be mad at a player for making the right choice. I was mad at him because of the reasons I stated in paragraph two.

When we were in aprison to have the whole debacle settled, I and the Stand, talked it out, but at that point it was already too late.

Now, during the game, the admin asked me if the hop was disabling me or attacking me, I said he tried to disable first, stand came out, then took out his lethal guns. (This is what happened)

I was not asked anymore than that, so I couldn’t clarify that I was in some serious danger (The HOP was a valid hunter who abandoned his job and took the HoS’ gun without any real reason to) and that I would have wanted the stand to demolish the hop’s face anyways. The HOP knew I was valid because he saw me demolish some poor old sod.

If I messed up my writing, failed to clarify something or just went out of point, please tell me and I will fix my mistakes.

I will not respond soon, because it’s 11:39 P.M and I will be sleeping soon.

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Is there going to a response to this thread? I would really like this ban off my record, metagrudging is a serious note to have.

I told the banning admin to look into this. I’m surprised he hasn’t done anything about this since he assigned this to himself yet never answered.

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So he actually didn’t answer this at all.

Is there a way I can have this ban taken off my record?

What’s my path for recourse here Ruediger? Am I at the mercy of the admin deciding to respond or not?

NGL but

I told him and he did read it and just said “yeah i’ll do it when i get home”

…2 nights ago.

He can complain at me if he wants but this is a bruh moment at best, and unacceptable at worst.

Taking this off you. Sorry for this mate.

Cheers, I appreciate it.

So, sorry I was out of commission for awhile, according to the logs and the exact wording and phrases in the ahelps (yours and his) originally scando, you were the mime, and IAA and got caught and killed by the HOP, you rolled holo, you talked out in the open and manifested to strike blows at the hop when he was near by, your exact response was “he didnt tell me not to”

Even though, your host is covering for you being the one who ahelped “my holo is griefing me” you still did some obvious metagrudging, i understand that he is forgiven but if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t be

As to why I didn’t answer this, I have been going through some stuff irl, and wasn’t home until last night, at 10pm talked to some friends and went to sleep at 1am, sorry i didn’t get back to this sooner

Except that is not true. According to my account and that of my hosts I did not manifest until the HOP was already arresting my host. Me defending my host had nothing to do with a metagrudge whatsoever. I accept a five day ban for talking as reasonable as it would expose my host. The part I am appealing is the metagrudge, which did not take place.

Your host didn’t fight back because it would make him look suspicious and possibly make him valid depending on how hard he fights, yet you took the opportunity to manifest and strike a blow at the player who killed you earlier in the round, your host then ahelped that you were griefing, and your response was “he didn’t tell me not to” I respect your host for forgiving you but you still did some obvious meta-grudging

According to the hosts account, what you said is not true. I quote “The HOP knew I was valid because he saw me demolish some poor old sod.” and he then goes on to say " (The HOP was a valid hunter who abandoned his job and took the HoS’ gun without any real reason to) and that I would have wanted the stand to demolish the hop’s face anyways" That doesn’t sound like he was intending to comply in order to avoid being exposed.

that isnt true according to the HOP’s record of events which is “i used non lethals until he pulled out his para and confirmed he was valid, I know he wasn’t valid until he proved it”

thats his issue, and has nothing to do with yours, you manifested and swing at someone who wasnt valid, even confirmed by the hop directly which is obvious meta grudging

Honestly, you have no evidence of meta-grudging and the head admin had to step in and do your job anyways. I don’t really see a point in continuing this argument.

Why is it that every time you read a ban by Zodrak, it’s literally always full of holes, for something tiny and petty, always too harsh, and the feeling that Zodrak was somehow personally involved in the game play always lingers.

I’ve literally been reading all the ban appeals today, and it’s literally the same thing in every single one of his ban appeals. Feels like Zodrak is either underage and immature (most likely under 18 years old) or he just has a serious attitude problem, and only seems to ban people when they interfere with his IC, and he will use almost any reason to ban you, even if he doesn’t have logs.

Now Zodrak is here, kicking up a storm, because he was most likely about to get punted off the admin team.

Unequivocally, I gotta say, you are literally the worst administrator on this game, you are petty, not very smart, quick to over escalate and quick to abuse your admin powers. You actively make the game less fun for everyone around you when you are online, and are most likely the most hated admin on the server if we were to do a strawpoll.

I realize this appeal has been granted or whatever, but I think honestly Zodrak should be sacked from the admin team, he is a toptier shitmin.

Logs. They’re facts. Use them.

I think it would be best if this thread was just closed. It took over a week and a half for a response and was already handled by Ruediger anyways. Anything from this time forward is a mute point and will only lead to hard feelings.

Are you guys just going to jump over what I said?

From my POV, I thought the HOP knew I was valid, thus, doesn’t matter if the hop didn’t know if I was valid or not.