Say something nice about something or somebody

Preferably SS13 related. Could be individuals, or ideas people have had, or about the community, or whatever; as long as its positive!

I’ll start:

Im happy that we have people who constantly contribute to the codebase with bugfixes, ideas, and mapping! Very cool of them.


I love Rad Station.

I enjoy contributing to the station and its crew and seeing them use whatever I’ve provided them with, may it be mechs, implants, Quantum Hub, nanites or chemistry products.

I like working with others who are willing to contribute to a cause, may it be for the better or not.

I like seeing other regulars playing, no matter what their character is because their mare precence makes it more fun to be part of the community.

I like seeing others help each other out and communicate using multiple different mediums other than the Common radio channel.

I loooooove Rhubarb Pie.


I’m glad for all the people here and elsewhere who put up with me.


Soo-Min and Anxiety are my favorite statics by far, they feel like family to my character and I enjoy every single second I spend interacting with them


I love not playing for a couple weeks then coming back to seeing really cool visual changes that serve no actual purpose. Be that the lighting around the station (though this is couple months old now) or the new modular connecting consoles which look really fucking cool.

I also love this silly little cat


I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. This community is the best on ss13 hands down.

I can’t express how important some of the people were for me in improvementing my social anxieties (like there would have been a time I would be too afraid to speak to anyone even online). I don’t know what I would be without some of the nice people here. As for the rest of you, you’re great too! :smiley:

I wish I could thank everyone individually but I wouldn’t want to miss anyone :<
So just know that if I’ve had any interaction even small, I greatly appreicated it…a lot.


You are easily amongst my most beloved players


I’m a bombyx simp ngl
I also love the real captain, sadly. They grew on me.


as a certified silly billy i like to rag on hugo and bombyx for becoming moderators, but they’re doing good and i enjoy their presence in the round whenever they show up


markus has the second highest robo hours and is a good robo :moth:


Wait, do I really? Can @Crossedfall get a list of player hours by role? I am curious now.

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I love that new players are poking their heads out and becoming part of the community and people are giving them a warm welcome!


I love how this community has grown since I joined. I’ve seen faces come and go (well, except ruko and heepox, i think they’re here forever) and the spirit of the place has transformed completely, but it’s never felt more homely.


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