Sasukexsakura1337 Staff Feedback Thread

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Keep in mind coronary bypass can be fucked up if you’re doing surgery without proper precautions, and only works once.
Also worth noting is that even with all the speed bonuses in the universe and the best tend wounds surgery, sometimes the cloner is just way fasted if you find someone who has been fucked the hell up to 500-ish damage in both brute and burn. Cloner’s got its fringe cases where it’s the only reasonably quick solution (Notably if you get heartn’t by an heretic or some shit)

Otherwise, yeah, the cloner’s inferior to surgery and i’d recommend only using it if you’re lagging, drowning in corpses, or in an emergency where you cant stick around.

I’d take a bullet for him

Good guy, admins on LRP so we don’t get as many complaints as before.

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great admin, He does alot of shit good on LRP and really good overall yes good admin.



Your CKEY is cursed and I don’t like it.

Your CKEY is cursed and I do like it

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Literal master of sex

Just made because sasuke and sakura is the best ship