Sasukexsakura unban appeal

CKEY: Sasukexsakura1337

Admin’s CKEY: cae

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: ban

Ban Length: 3

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-09-15

Round ID: 21334

Ban Reason: Attacked the captain with a fireaxe for trying to arrest them for breaking into their office roundstart.

Appeal Reason: I was completetly zoomed out, I was a also engie last round as a BB that died quite early in. So when the round ended after sending bunch of songs and readyed up. Somewhere in my mind i was still thinking i was a antag(Blood brother). I didn’t realize this and when rebel trouble tried to arrest me i knew i was gonna be either permad or jailed(Happens everytime) and this is the very first time i attacked him twice. I didn’t know what went through my head nad 3 days seems bit harsh.

@JackTheLing can hopefully confirm i never once attacked him during a AA rush(When he’s cap). since last round got executed and that mind setting was still in my brain.

I just want the ban reduced hopefully and i dont ahve these type of non antag escalations on my notes besides the chap incident

Additional Information:

I dont tend to apply on appeals that was intentional and honestly this was a mistake.

This is… surprisingly plausible. This “I’m tired and forgot it’s a new round”, while seemingly absurd, has happened to other people before. @GameAdmin thoughts?

As i said, It’s bit and i have a serious lifting schedule and started to shredd IRL. I’m sitting around 1500 calories a day and doing this makes me very dizzy and sometimes headache(Really low bloodsugar).

Eat peaches and nectarines. Also, admemes unbean

imma grab something sugary

Unbanned because your explanation is plausible.

I don’t think he should be banned for attacking me, I do believe he was completely zoned out because it was out a character for Nan. He only hit me twice and I believe he tried to stop after the fist two hits. We all make honest mistakes and I do believe it wasn’t purposely malicious

Also shouldn’t this be unlisted because the round is still going on

Good point. Unlisted.

thanks man, this wont be repeated

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