SapphireXC ai player report R41775 #2

In-game report:


Your Discord:Kelpo#5866

Offender’s CKEY: SapphireXC

Offender’s In-Game Name: PANOPTICON

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):12-13-2022

Round Number:41775

Rules Broken:13

Incident Description: early into the shift vending machines came to life then a vending machine exploded me, I dont know if that was the ai doing, I dont see a reason why blowing up a random assistant would help its goals
Later the ai hit delta when shuttle docked(captain, a target was still alive)

Additional Information:
We also had nukies which rushed into the shuttle after ai bolted us in and blew us up, explaining why the ai killed its targets, the main reason for this report is to verify if ai was justified calling a delta.

Vending machines ‘becoming alive’ is also a random event, did you see an announcement in chat that ‘rampant brand intelligence has been detected onboard’?
If it was the malf AI who blew the machine, then you should’ve either seen a message in big red text about ‘a high pitched noise coming from the machine’, or it would have those cartooney eyes.

Yup, i was on that round and the random intelligence event got announced, he most likely got the bad timing or standing next to one when the timer was up and explosion got caused

However is true that AI hit delta mode for no particular reason, shuttle was called by crew transfer vote, we accidentally noticed the nukies because they flew too far and we got the BS-time shuttle distortion with the Syndicate infiltrator as the ship name and even then, they hit the delta trigger before nukies even arrived.

AI didn’t do anything that could’ve caused suspicious, perhaps they thought they were free to use delta to accomplish their objectives but never read the rules.


Ai also killed me (chef) that round for no reason I could discern. I never believed AI was rogue and all i did was hanging around in my kitchen.

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When vending machines become sentient one explodes, I believe It’s the first one to get the virus, Is not the AI fault.
Once as cap, the HOP blow all cyborg for that explosion in a round we had a RD, so I jail him for overtyping into another department as the AI requested. The AI wasn’t malf.

I was one of the nukies, we did land, we did manage to install the nuke, and it did blow up before the AI’s nuke went off. However, we were only able to do it thanks to AI using delta & preventing shuttle from leaving, since we spawned 3min before shuttle dock.

It wasn’t. Random machine event triggered way before the AI even became malfunctioning.

Normally it wouldn’t be valid unless they had been revealed or had some form of bone objective. However I think the circumstances at the time reasonably justify their actions. Namely they didn’t become malfunctioning until towards the end of the round, about 25 minutes before the shuttle was called (blue alert), they had one borg at the time as far as I can tell, there were nukies on their way, and all three of their targets were alive up until the arrival of the shuttle. It would have been very difficult to achieve their goals with another strategy. Although they still ultimately failed and were forced to shunt their core.

Considering that you were a curator who cryo’d instead of dying I imagine you’ve gotten this round confused with another.

Report rejected, primarily due to extenuating circumstances.
Thank you for it opening it regardless.