Sam Phoenix vs Taylor Fisher

this is a very self indulgent post of mine but i’ve only now found out it’s something people have a actuallt preference for and i’m a little bit curious what the general consensus is. I think for the most part it just depends who you see the most.

  • Taylor Fisher, the Quarterlord
  • Sam Phoenix, the Bootlicker

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Why does one need to be better than the other? Playing a mixture of both is ideal imo.

I’ve never met phoenix but I hate the idea of statics.

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i do play a mixture of both. Im just curious who people prefer. Now shhh, banned player!

While I like both, having Sam on the team makes playing sec more tolerable

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I like Taylor QM. I think he is the best QM ever. But Sam is more fun to play with. Still, it’s a difficult poll to answer.

but where’s altair?
or the reaper guy
the reaper guy was really cool too

thought they were a little too gimmicky. Reaper man was mostly a one off character too (had to give up the altair slot to make him actually)

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EPS is gimmicky
but I doubt that makes Fiddler preferable
on the other hand, I don’t have two non-gimmick characters, so maybe I just don’t understand the internal struggle yet
both Fisher and Phoenix are cool :+1:


reaper man is dope and much spook

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i will forever prefer the man who gouged his eyes out in a goal for 5 dollars than a guy i refuse to meet

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I vote for the guy I know did a funny atleast once than a secoff that I only now heard of

I wish Taylor was the QM every round, but I also wish was had Sam as a sec most rounds too! so in conclusion please duplicate yourself! :+1:


There’s no Altair option…


Your days are limited Taylor, the quarterlord title will be mine!

how many QM hours you got, Joanna?

I’m a Sam fan. The only cool security officer. If Sam is in I know I can go for something silly as antag and he won’t throw me in the gallows for life.

100 Hours, but they are increasing with every day!

still 300 off me

both are awesome in their own way:
Sam is a nice cop, Taylor is a shaddy but beloved QM.
Keep it up


I am biased towards Sam.
Taylor the cargo lord is good, but the station ALWAYS Needs more security staff.

With Love, a regular of the HoS role.