Sam Phoenix Player Feedback

Having a horrible phase of being a sec main. I sincerely hope I’m cured soon. Either way, how’ve I been doing? Whatcha think of Sam?


playing SEC is the spess man’s natural response to a lack of “Vitamin S” on station, once you’ve brought it back to acceptable levels or have encountered the disease “Gravissime callidus adversario” or it’s variant “Gravissime armatus Antagonist”.

I probably haven’t been in sec to experience sam in any meaningful way tho, will fix that soon.

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Made my Detective round really fun by being my second Detective, even though 80% of it was asking where the Clown was and all our missing people being SSD it felt like an adventure and really opened my eyes to how fun this job could be. Made me consider dropping the Janitor mop and bucket for a trenchcoat 100/10

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Good sec pal, fun to talk with while the station becomes hell :))))

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I main detective and I enjoy playing with Sam as he is full of character (patrolling the bar) and is generally more aware of space law and etiquette in regards to people detained by sec. Its always refreshing when someone who typically doesn’t play sec gives it a go as they normally have a better understanding of how they should treat people.
Also, for patrolling the bar so often, I almost never hear Sam slurring over sec comms.

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I love Sam as a sec officer. Both as a civilian and officer, its always fun to talk with him.

Need more bar interactions plz. I don’t know much about this bean.