Sago Matse Player Report



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   Offender’s CKEY:


   LRP or MRP server:


   Offender’s In-Game Name:

Sago Matse (I think, only got a short look before round ended)

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):


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   Rules Broken:

Rule 4

   Incident Description: 

I was figuring out the wires at arrivals (specifically on the aux base door, since there’s metal in there I can throw at cargo), as an assistant (I was planning to walk about, maybe help some people, maybe make some stuff in maint), there were 10 people online.

The QM shows up, shoves me a bit - whatever, I’m technically breaking into a section of his department. He then shows up with a spear less than a minute later and kills me. They said nothing, and proceed to space me via disposals.

The Chaplain pranks him a bit later with a windup toolbox and is beaten into crit, the chaplain does not fight back and is yelling that it was just a joke. Chmod then kills the QM after a very, very long fight, and he is cremated. I’m not found for two hours and am cloned shortly before the shuttle arrives, I escape, the round ends, he isn’t a traitor.

   Additional Information:


I’ll look into this one for ya.

You sure that it was on MRP round ID 8776?

There’s no Round 8776 in the MRP logs, only on the LRP server.

It may be due to my timezone so I’ll check the day before and after.

Oh ye this cunt
me and Chmod got revenge by cremating him
and then we summoned cthulhu
and got smited to death

fun round 10/10 would summon again

Alrighty, so.

It seems the persons name is “Sago Matse” and not what I originally thought it was.

I’ll pull the days logs after school when I get home and pull everything relevant.

UPDATE: Having gone through every log from the 04/11/2019 and then going through every attack log on 05/11/2019 and searching “Sago Matse” “Sago” “Matse” “MiasmaToast” and other such things pertaining to this, I cannot find anything.

There are no 8776 logs on MRP, either.

I’ll look into it more when I have time.

Super old and still set to investigate. Locking and rejecting. Lost this one.