Sage and antag metainfo, should it be banned? a discussion

should people know what is a traitor item and what it does? should only security or command know or should only traitors? and should only certain items that are clearly syndicate be considered syndicate like bulldog shotguns, syndicate space/hardsuits and other things that are 100% syndicate. what about stealth items? should people know what a chameleon kit is or what it does? what about stuff that is illegal but not clearly syndicate? emags would 100% be illegal but dont appear syndicate made, and centcom uses eswords and eshields so they aren’t syndicate tech either

what is everyone’s thoughts?

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It shouldnt be banned, because it feels like stabbing yourself with scissors in the groin - seeing a changeling rip someones head off and having to resort to saying: “weird. Sec there is a ruffian with a sharp thing can you come over? No hurry though, because this is clearly not a genetic abomination”.

Also not only do callouts become stupid the amount of restraint it takes not to follow precautions against certain enemy capabilities once you seen them is hard. Like, youve seen this guy with a weird pipe gun, you shouldnt run to sci to guard ttvs. But thats stupid.


Personally I’m completely with you on this, but for the sake of everyone else I don’t think this is yet a possibility.

You can not really ban metainfo. People will still base their behavior around the knowledge they have about the current situation. They would just make it less obvious.

Well, we know that syndicate is consisted of Nanotrasen rivals corporation, which is almost all known corporation beside NT. So as a corporate slave, shouldnt we be able to tell what things are NT made or not? And if its really legal or not (Like donkpockets are still freely distributed in the station), obviously someone who suddenly went invisible and when bumped be seen inside a box isn’t a legal tech/gear.

Being able to use em is another thing tho,imo a captain or hos or even RD maybe be able to know what illegal/syndicate stuff do (cap and hos for security, and RD for research)

Hmmm yes today I will ask if we want something that will not have a majority in favor

It is in the lore that NT gives basic training against threats to all employees. However I do not agree with people just knowing everything about a specific antag as it is seriously bad rp.

For example:

  • Guy sees a non-lawyer with a briefcase in his hand and a gas mask on his face. Guy instantly assumes its a briefcase launchpad and steals it off of him.

  • Sec searches a guy and he has a pen in his backpack. They think its a sleepy pen despite no reason for them to assume so.

These are rare examples, but I have seen antags get cucked by metaknowledge so many times I’ve lost count. If you don’t wish to roleplay on Sage and prefer to be a validhunting ass, go to Golden.

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This is also an issue of valid hunting, which needs to get nixed.


No, it’s pretty far-reaching to say players cannot actively know what an item or a threat is.

You see syndicate bomb? Run away, it’s going to explode.
You see someone carry a pen or health analyzer? Don’t meta check their items. Use common sense.


Here are my takes:

  • Security: Security should know (or is supposed to be briefed) about syndicate traitor items. It should be allowed to search someone for having prints, or being seen killing/sabotaging. It should NOT be allowed to fullstrip someone cause they are not in their department, or they refused search on code green. It is severe meta to arrest/assume antag of someone for taking poppies/items for heretic rituals, even if heretics are confirmed, assuming antag for someone who has a tech disk, or deflector vest or hand tele, given they were not confirmed stolen. Taking tools/non stolen items because ‘muh contraband’ is also meta and should be punished.

  • Command: They have the best briefing/experience, so they are allowed to know how to deal with traitors, nukies, maybe even cult. Should not be allowed to deny someone hand teleporter/blueprints cause it’s a objective item, or even access to a certain area, sec and toxins/xeno/viro excluded. Command should not be allowed to know stuff like what cult runes do, maybe even identifying heretic, cult and wizard items.Should be considered severe metaknowledge to say stuff like ‘clockies can only use cameras, so cut cameras’, ‘heretics demand these items, so hide these items’, ‘people with insuls are forbidden’, and should be punished.

  • Crew: Should be allowed to recognize certain items and abilities (cult, nukie gear, even eblade and non-conspicious weapons, etc). They should not be allowed to suspect people who have a gas mask or could carry camo items. Should also not be allowed harass or try to wrestle people whom they believe they are antags. Someone dropping their station bouncer should not result in you taking it and calling out antag. You should not ‘search’ their gear and call out antag when you see them and definitely seeing someone getting flashed and shouting ‘revs’ should be meta and punished.

  • Chaplain/Curator: should be more or less like crew, but should be allowed to know rituals and spells of the cult and heretics.


What is boils down to is don’t valid hunt really. Which is already a rule and I’ve seen as of late people getting punished for it a lot. If you wanna be tactful you can just PDA message the HOS or Warden about arresting or searching someone suspicious.

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Completly lore wise

IAA are centcom agents that use confisctated syndicate tech. Its safe to assume CC has a pretty detailed catalog of items and technologies the syndicate uses. Security would alteast be educated on the more prevelent ones since syndicate is in direction opisition of NanoTrasen.

They also have some knowledge of the occult since summing nar’sie triggers a CC message that there scanners detect it, meaning they are aware of it enough that they have equipment to measure it.

In same way they are aware of lings since they report about them during the star-of-round report.

it wouldnt work on tg code

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I always figure, try to not be excessive with the metaknowledge. Give traitors a bit of a chance or like was said, PDA security or the ai or somethin.



I love being non-sec and just not having to care about antags.
I love being CMO and announcing that everyone is welcome to be healed in my medbay.

According to that report.

Lings work for the Syndicate as a bioweapon.

WHY THE FUCK DO LINGS NOT HAVE UPLINKS THEN!? (Lore-Wise. For gameplay reasons that would obviously end incredibly poorly.)

It is possible to roll TraitorLing, it’s just rare and you gotta be lucky, and yes it is exactly as OP as you think it is.

Prop since a bioweapons is a bit unpredictable

SS13 takes place on a research station, not a public one - if anyone sees unidentified personnel aboard the station they would instantly report them, MINIMUM, especially when they know that people can be sent to kill them. Furthermore, people would probably start hiding weapons in case this would happen.