Sadcatt [Ruko] - Me Sorry Me only do lil trolling :(

Ok This is my second try at this, long time no see. I got banned for killing The holy man to steal his sword before I killed him I saw him beating a clown to death so I pushed him and hit him once or twice I tried to drag the clown out of there but he started hitting me so I ran like a pussy came back with something idk it was a long time ago the clown was the same so we started to do a lil combat then idk I think he ran or I ran anyway, I followed him down talking to a med guy or sci guy don’t know he was behind a table in a other room anyway while he was typing I grabbed him and just threw him into the table non stop did it like 5 times or 4 don’t know, anyway I ran with his sword thinking he was getting up turns out I killed the man, for sometime I played then I heard it bionk I don’t know if I said bionk right didn’t play ss13 for a long time, I head it and I said fuckkk thinking to myself why did he call a admin didn’t kill him or did I O_O anyway I said something dumb (Yeah that is kinda of a bad look but I wantted that sword man) big mistake me and the admin were talking but I got banned for it and me my dumb ass didn’t go to the bee station website, noo I went to make a new BYOND acc two of them anyway the admins got on to me and I lied so they made it a Permanent ban, The End. That was 127 days ago (Anyway count: 5) (idk count: 2)
Title: [Sadcatt] banned by [rukofamicom]

CKEY: Sadcatt

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: Server but it’s on both

Ban Length:9999-01-01 12:00

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):2020-12-25 15:18

Round ID:25398

**Ban Reason:Massive self-antag. Killed chaplain to steal his sword. “Yeah that is kinda of a bad look but i wantted that sword man” - Updating ban to Permanent as ban evasion occured. - SuperDork55

Appeal Reason:Said it in my post

Additional Information:Said it in my post

I am sorry but I don’t think sorry is going to fix it

Vouch. Do you have it?


Have what? the sword?

Are you able to get any other reputable servers to vouch for you?

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I mean I got a lifetime banned when I first starting play ss13 in tg. Goon not banned the only severs I am banned on is tg and bee and I play a lot of other servers the big ones and the cool lil ones

What other servers have you been playing on while you were away though?

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stopped playing ss13 started doing blender but after my ban I played goon and that server what was it called where you kill aliens and CIV

when admins asks for vouch they are asking if other server admins can “support” you that you are good player.

If you have not noticed bees admins are very careful against shitters and what you did was no simple crime. So did you play in another server at the time you got banned from bee? can the admins or mods “vouch” for you so the admins or mods here be given the reason to unban you?


I mean I think Goon can vouch for me I never got in a mess with someone same with the alien one

then make it simple for the admins in here and to give them reason and proof that you can be a good player and have some good will in you. try to talk with some goon admin about your situation and ask him to vouch you they would understand

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CIV admins bionk me for killing teammates but that teammate was killing me so I was in the good

You know what 127 days does to a man making him wishing not to be a dumbass and do that thing never again. (but you do have a point)

K will do thanks for the tip

we are humans. we are are born to do mistakes. without doing them we would never learn not to do them again and to do the opposite of mistakes which are the right things.

but sadly mistakes also has limits and we should acknowledge that too. the thing is for now I see you acknowledge your mistake.

Admins if you see this how about an idea? lift his ban only for him to be able to play LRP as non head crew. if he behaves well for a month he can join the chain command and another month can join back as MRP. However I will leave it for you admins to judge him I am of course a player like him and everyone else. I have no say or power on this matter of course…

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Thanks man that really means a lot to me.

Use this as a resource to find what equates for a vouch

Per new policy regarding permanent bans and ban evasion, this appeal will not be accepted until at least December 2021. Please wait until then and find a vouch before appealing.