SA.LIE, Actias Luna player report

In-game report: SA.LIE, Actias Luna player report


Your Discord:N/A

Offender’s CKEY:N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name:

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):11-20-2022

Round Number: 41430

Rules Broken: Rule 1 you must roleplay, 3 Do Your Job, staff conduct

Incident Description: AI spent the round trying its best to loosely or fragrantly ignore laws given to it. Allowed decrewing of crew while on crewsimov, delayed its actions to intentionally work against its lawset, and generally poor roleplay for an individual playing a machine with no loyalties besides its laws.

Doctor decided to play vigilante validhunter, trying to remove syndie from crewlist, make weapons against them, and generally try to cause them harm for little IC reason. The syndicate agent in particular publicly stated his only intention was to get stealing objectives then, “Turn this station over to the syndicate”, and proceeded to hand out free AA and emagged doors in security.

I think these images will speak for themselves:





Additional Information: I fucking hate this shit, AI players who do this give AI mains like me a bad rep. Apologies if this report connotates bias from me, I just despise this, man.

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Actias Luna is played by Acronad, one of our moderators. Therefore this report will more than likely need to be looked at by the heads. Going ahead and moving it to the staff reports category.

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I vaguely rememebr this round and yeah, honestly I think I agree from what i remember i may have gone a bit far, though i dont think the AI answering my question was necessary the same as allowing it. From a player point of view yeah they wouldve known why i asked but not sure how thatd translate to the rest, aside from resetting the AI laws though i don’t think i did much more, correct me if im wrong but i remember doing toxins after that due to a lack of science and no immediate medical need. I don’t recall making weapons


Also the first act of the syndie was actually to announce that we were under syndicate control now and the station was to be a syndicate station

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Why did your abandon your job as a doctor to pursue hunting down the syndicate agent who had expressly said his goals, which didnt include harming anyone? What reasonable explanation does a medical doctor have for going on a crusade against this individual who is no threat to fulfilling their job, department, or patients?

The fact that you encouraged the AI to break silicon conduct while a member of staff really doesnt sit well with me either

If i remember right i was thinking originally i just wanted to remove them from the crew list and let the rest sort it out, after the laws got changed it became a mix of “ugh great” and “well i can learn how ai law upload works finally” like I said i think im inclined to agree i overstepped here.

In regards to leaving medical i made some healing meds loaded fridge and nothing was going on in medical, if i recall it wasn’t until much later that i actually had a patient



How does “Nothing going on in medical” justify the crusade against this person in any way?

Didn’t say it did, you asked why i left, i answered

My thought process was no sec, im not going to actively chase after them but i can at least give the AI the chance to defend itself


Also curious what weapons i made, i don’t remember making them but i could be misremembering, or maybe its a misunderstanding


You are admitting you had no justification for it? Fair enough, then.

How would a medical doctor know how to do this and why would a medical doctor care enough to do this.

Does Actius have a backstory of diehard commitment to ideals regardless of their own safety or omnipotent knowledge of the stations workings outside their job?

Can you see my concerns about the roleplay aspects of this? It no longer feels like a character who is acting


I would love for you to tell me why it isnt, because it looks a hell of a lot like it.

Shitty banbait-y thing to do as a player, but horrendous for staff

This isnt you checking with them that you removed this guys status, hm?

This isnt a reminder to the AI that crew status doesnt apply to this guy anymore now that you changed it?

First half the way i saw it was the AI answering a question asked, hence where my part about the player knowing what’s going on yeah but to me IC the AI was answering a question

Second half was me asking cause id never done it before and no idea if I’d even done it right

This also wasn’t an attempt to bait out a ban


I was also in this round as the bartender, i’d like to add that i was with Actias/Acronad for a bit of this round, I also remembered multiple times had i told him about multiple ways we could have ended the threat, but they were disinterested in killing the traitor or seeking them out and more focused on assisting the station by helping with toxins on a skeleton crew. I really dont see how Rule 1 “You must roleplay” has any basis here. And to the comment that Actias had made weapons, isnt quite accurate to my knowledge. I was hanging around Actias during the toxins process mainly to make sure nobody interfered with it, considering the syndicate takover and all, as i had a shotgun with beanbags, and from my understanding, that was our only protection, Actias even had to have me dispatch a carp for him, he was quite unarmed.

Nonetheless, this is just my two cents since i was there for quite a bit of it


Clearly this is entirely false considering I have a screenshot of both of you in the AI chamber. Tell me how this fits into roleplay.

Dude, what was the entire point of why you asked how to remove crew status from someone?

To remove it from the syndie, yes?

You asked a question, to the AI, about how to bypass their laws.
If this AI had acted correctly, they would have rebuked your question and attempted to prevent you from removing crew status from the syndie. You asking the question and then performingthe change is what DIRECTLY led to them breaking policy.

Now, either you are ignorant of silicon policy, or you didnt care that you were breaking silicon policy.

I do not know which is worse to be honest

This is tiring. I expected to get a player maybe warned, not shovel into this shithole of staff policy.

I made all the points I wanted. I’m leaving this for the headmins when they decide to review this in god knows how long.

Hi, I was the AI this round and for the character I’ve been trying to have them be intensely loyal to Nanotrasen. Since we had no command staff or security I was trying to put up some token resistance for you instead of just, instantly taking over everything. When you did subvert me I was actually trying to work with you but couldn’t figure out where the teleporter is on Corg in the moment, I did not let them into my upload intentionally save for bolting open the door, which was part of my lawing at the time. For the de-crewing bit I was just supplying info, though mayne that was a bit iffy, so apologies for that.

Also I know your pain with staff reports taking forever, but hopefully it’ll be handled quick.

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Forgive me, but its hard to suspend my disbelief on this one.

You are saying:
…did absolutely nothing to fire your neurons that “Hey, this guy plans to decrew someone. This is dangerous information that I really don’t want others to know as they can then freely harm crew”?

Why else would they be asking such a question, my guy?

I meant it IC as just reporting info, like how I told you that people were in my sat doing things to my upload. OOC, yes I understood that, so maybe that was icky and bad and I do apologize for it.


I meant it IC as just reporting info, like how I told you that people were in my sat doing things to my upload. OOC, yes I understood that, so maybe that was icky and bad and I do apologize for it.

The AI is a complex computer, no matter what spin the player gives to it, Silicon Policy is there to give a baseline for all silicons. In the context of a known threat running around, with an AI under crewsimov, someone asking about how to remove protection from anyone should trigger internal alerts in an AI’s processing systems and make it act cautiously. Just like how under Asimov, an AI should be on alert whenever it hears about “dehumanizing” or “medical records”, or if command suddenly wants access to uploads.

This depends on context, I agree that the AI could just give the information during normal circumstances. But in the event of a known threat with a high probability of law 1 violations, the AI should be on high alert and not act “clueless”. You could even argue that refusing to obey: “AI, law 2, tell me how to remove crew status from someone” would be valid under law 1.


Enough. If nothing else relevant to the report is being contributed, then please discuss it elsewhere.

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