Ryuzaki Wolf Jobbanned by PowerfulBacon

CKEY: Ryuzaki Wolf

Admin’s CKEY: Powerfulbacon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Just the MRP

Ban Type: Job

Ban Length: 5 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06.15.2020

Round ID: ( honestly don’t know, the round before ID 17258 )

Ban Reason: Was in a mech destroying arrival walls to look for a cult. Got hit by a chair for smashing walls. Responded by gunning down the person that hit them with a chair, despite the fact the other person was being shot with disablers at the same time.

Appeal Reason: Let’s get the facts straight : I was hit by a chair for no reason with guarding the shuttle doors, and I did kill the guy who was attacking me, but my mech came with a flashbang launcher and a shotgun, I was on shotgun, my bad. BUT.

There was an IC reason for science to have mechs, it wasn’t random boredom powergaming. Science and Security were having a friendly coldwar and science wanted to help kill cultists and defend the station. Otherwise, we would’ve made Gygax’s.

Oh, And the walls ? They were just walls on maintenant between chapel and medbay, and they were destroyed 2 minutes before the shuttle arrived. I didn’t think I would do much to atmos. Maybe it did, I wouldn’t know because nobody complained.

So, why did I appeal ? So out of all of my existing play time on Sage, 25% of the time is spent as robo. It’s how I like to play the game. I’m always in the roleplay, and am usually nice to everybody. A 5 day job ban is soft in most circumstances, but it’s crippling in my case.

Anyway, approve it, don’t. Whatever. But be fair, ask around.

P.S : You’ve got to love having your admin tickets closed before you get a chance to properly explain the situation. :ok_hand:

P.S.2 : For those who needs the context of that round, the OCC logs of yesterday are available on the discord. There’s proof that sec were being shitheads, and that I stand exactly by what I told above.

Use reasonable self-defense; subdue, but do not try to revenge-kill, any assailants.

Any way I look at this, it’s over-escalation if intentional. If you shot more than once I can’t take it to be anything but intentional.

As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.

Depending on the exact context of the round, this just sounds like an excuse for validhunting with mechs. We’re you blowing up the wall with intent to find cult like the ban reason suggests?

As a final note: it doesn’t matter how close the end of the round is. Don’t do something you wouldn’t do at the beginning of the round. We’ve had increasing issues with folks getting trigger happy early on and causing issues as a result of it. So long as the round is ongoing, the rules apply.

A science ban sounds pretty light for combined valid-hunting, murdering someone for throwing a chair and powergaming yourself a weaponized mech. I’ll need to see logs to form a final opinion, but based on @PowerfulBacon’s judgement, I’m probably getting at least somewhat the wrong idea from your explanation alone.

For a mech being hit with a chair after breaking down walls, shooting someone multiple times then beating them is not what I would consider self defense.
Smashing down walls near arrival is usually pretty bad, since everytime someone does that atmos generally gets leaked out (because our atmos moves fast).

But yea, I know whats its like to be job banned when you only really play 1 role, and 5 days is pretty harsh for a first ban, but not too extreme because killing someone in a mech while ‘guarding the shuttle’ by smashing the walls of chapel down is kind of bad.

I did shot once, but it was pointblanc with shotgun when I really only wanted to peacefully subdue him.

To be absolutely honest, I saw someone else punching the walls with mechs, I thought we were still looking for cult, so I helped out.

But I didn’t shot multiple times though.
And I wasn’t the one who thought about punching the walls. To be honest I followed the move, not thinking it would hurt anyone.

If it’s just one shot and the mech was equipped with non-lethals the story becomes pretty feasible imo.

I’m still not a fan of the whole validhunting the cult with mechs, or destroying the walls for no real reason.

makes mech to kill the round antag
“valid hunter”

The valid hunting was reasonable IC, the consensus was that, the round prior, sec was already being shitheads, so much so that the station protested in front the brig. ( I was on sec that round and I couldn’t agree more ).
In the incident round. We told sec we were building mechs to help fight the cultists, but they came in robotics announced, and stole our unfinished mech. So science decided to go on a cold war with sec, possibly to overthrow sec. It was never done, but we helped protect the people more or less protesting again in front of sec.
We did try to do their jobs and find the cultist before the departure incident, because they weren’t doing much from what it seemed like.

I honestly didn’t think the inner walls would be dangerous to destroy, and I followed someone already doing that. As I had seen departures in much worst state then that, I just decided to help punch some walls. But it wasn’t to ruin anyone else’s round.

Clarification on that ““cold war””:
RD wanted to make durands. HoS confiscated durands.
RD made three more durands & even refused to at least put in EMP beacons.
Cult was being absolutely destroyed by security, as they were found 5 minutes into the round (Total time, including lobby time).

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Clarification 'bout that, I wasn’t RD.
Sec wanted to control the durands, but forgot DNA locking was a thing. And didn’t tell us the threat was already dealt with.

The HoS was acting very weird, I don’t know what he did with the durand he confiscated. From what I was seeing, we wanted to stop the durands not take them over. We told the RD several times over it was being handled, but it was clear that he wanted to cause chaos because he decided that during a cult round, bringing lethally armed (They had disabled because I convinced him to put the disablers on them) durands to a protest (Yes, a fucking protest during a cult round on MRP) was a good idea.

As far as I know, the IPC broke a lot of walls, not you.

The durand’s behavior on the shuttle only further carried this idea of the durands were made to powergame and fuck around because quite a few people were killed.

I blame the RD more than the pilots of the durands.

Also the round was fucked, some non antag released a tesloose and there was n20 flooding everywhere and somebody told the AI to kill its self.

I’d like to add that, I know for a fact, that the one who built the tesla did it to “destroy a whole dept without being valid”.

I’m not saying I’m entirely innocent, I did kill someone, but it was an accident. I just didn’t break the rules on purpose. Otherwise I would’ve stopped.

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To be honest, I did go to far as RD against Security that round. I was a tad pissed off that the HoS had stolen my teleporter armour, and had beaten me to near crit when I had shoved him earlier on. Although in evac I only destroyed the security checkpoint and by the time I was on the shuttlle my Durand’s movement was completely screwed due to being hit by baseball bats to much.

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Tesloose nommed half the station that round, and breaking the walls depressurized departures, and I think it might have killed a few people.

He threw the chair, I saw it did damage, he tried to hit the mech again, so I assumed he was hostile. I wanted to push him back or flash but I was on shotgun. I didn’t even move after that. It’s true I didn’t apologise but I was still IC and someone was nearby so I assumed he was being healed, or at least that’d be healed inside.

Ban has expired