Rumulusus banned by GiggaGuyFromSpaceLand

CKEY: Rumulusus

Admin’s CKEY: GiggaGuyFromSpaceLand

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Global

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 15.05.2021

Round ID: 29692

Ban Reason: disconnected during a ticket

Appeal Reason: bad internet connection disconnected me

Additional Information: i did some bad stuff in that round that i should be fairly punished for (killed 2 people while not being valid) and i got internet problems in the middle of an ticket

Usually the permaban when dcing mid ticket is just so that people come to the forum to explain/appeal the actual ban reason.
Speaking of:

You should probably add that to your ban reason and an appeal reason/additional information for your lethal fruits.

Youve had some problems with self antag in the past, and this time if i remmember correctly you did it to test the lethality of your apples which resulted in two cases of death

As someone who discovered the secrets of botany not so long ago, I don’t see how you just accidentally make lethal apples.
Sure asking someone or even testing it on yourself is more kosher, because at the very least the only people that were hurt were consenting parties. But you just do not make lethal botany items on accident.

Im still awaiting a reply on this thread

Was this the correct reason or not?