RukoFamicon Admin report

CKEY: A_wandering_fog

Your Discord: Bort

Offender’s CKEY: RukoFamicon

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-20-2021

Round Number: 27250

Rules Broken (if relevant): I was not accused of breaking any rules but was given a one-day ban for “toxic behavior in-round toward another player after they instigated heavy conflict in the previous round.”

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

  • Ensure tickets and situations are handled equally across all players.
  • Any form of bias in dealing with players is not tolerated, favoritism from players or other staff should not weigh in the decision making process.
  • Handle tickets respectfully, do not be condescending or aggressive in admin PM’s.
  • Server bans are to be given out when a player has shown to be non-compliant with our rules or is activity malicious towards the server, the staff, or other players.

Incident Description:

I don’t have access to the logs, or even chat, because of the bizarre and capricious ban carelessly handed out from a clearly emotional administrator who seemed to be using his admin powers as a way to vent frustration – so bear with me, I will do my best.

I begin the round as detective on Sage and plan to go for an RP as a hard-nosed antihero detective where I have film noir-esque monologues to myself and bend the (IC) rules as my own code deems necessary. My game was to be centered around the social aspect of the bar, as I search for intrigue in the station.

I spent a few minutes getting my gear ready and walk outside. I find what appears to be a shitter already. He (NEON IXIX or something) has the trappings of someone in medical and a title that seems to be made-up (“Brig Physician”). He’s building obstacles around the brig hallway. I ask him what he’s doing and he says that his building a protective barrier. I ask who he got permission from and he said nobody. This seems particularly strange because Sec is completely empty: I am the only uniformed member of the force as detective. As the ranking member of sec on station, I instruct him to stop because the clutter seems more trouble than it’s worth. He refuses.

Since he refused a lawful order related to not obstructed the sec hallway, I draw my weapon and fire. I was under the impression that it used rubber bullets. It’s been a bit since I’ve played detective and last I checked, revolvers used rubber bullets that harmlessly knocked players down. I made a mistake, and these bullets are lethal. He then assaults me, kncoks me down, steals my gun, and runs off with it. I ask for my gun back and he refuses, shrieking profanity like a pre-teen playing DotA (FUCKING BITCH, FUCK YOU!!! etc). He says he’s going to arrest me, despite being a civilian, which seems like a rule violation and is definitely an RP violation.

A lawyer approaches me to help me out. He seems, like my character, to be morally flexible. I was excited for some Better Call Saul action: I cook up an IC plot to frame Neon – who was already a civilian who attacked a member of sec and stole their only weapon – for attempted murder to gain a juicier brig sentence against this shitfit-thrower. I go to the armory, get an energy gun and set it to disable. Neon, at this point, is having an absolute mental breakdown, bleating over comms like a kid who just discovered all caps about how he’s going to arrest me. I find Neon and disable him and cuff him. I take my gun back and find two pairs of ziptie cuffs in his bag – looks like he was going to make good on that threat if he had managed to robust me.

I take him to the brig, and it’s still empty of any sec officers who can handle the situation, so i take my gun back and let Neon go. I abandon my framing plot. He’s still having an emotional breakdown over comms and this point and it’s getting grating. I talk shit back to him and tell him that he sounds like a 14-year-old boy. I get bwoinked.

From the get-go it seems like RukoFamicon was this guy’s metafriend. The way he frames the events, and how he applies rules in a biased manner makes that pretty easy to believe. But he tells me to put the weapons back in the armory, and I do, because I have my revolver back.
The bwoinks continue. RukoFamicon is trying to litigate me returning shit-talk to the tantruming teenager, and the admin actually goes so far as invert the reality of what happened and accuse me of starting the shit-talk to Neon, and portraying Neon’s comms meltdown as something that was merely defensive (???). This administrator seems like they are is having an emotional episode of their own, and clearly took the side of what seems to be his metafriend. The bwoinks came in faster than I could respond to them and also play the game, indicating that he had a personal emotional investment in this minor IC issue.

Still trying to be absolutely compliant and fix my mistakes, I try to defuse the situation in comms by asking to make amends with him for the good of the security department. I find that I am muted IC. Not sure that failed messages show up in logs, but I tried honestly and repeatedly – I put the beef aside and really just wanted to end this nonsense and continue productively with the round. I explain this to RukoFamicon, and they get angrier and their bias spills through more. They want to ban me now. This bizarrely overtuned ban is given without discussion; my adminhelp is turned off.

I will again point to this Admin Policy:

Server bans are to be given out when a player has shown to be non-compliant with our rules or is activity malicious towards the server, the staff, or other players.

I was absolutely compliant every step of the way.

Bottom line? RukoFamicon needs to be censured for his angry, vindictive, and emotionally unhinged response to pretty minor RP violations. I followed his requests every step of the way and even. I’d advise other admins to give him a few days to cool off.

Have some logs.

The initial exchange between the detective and brig physician

SAY: A_wandering_fog/(Alfred Wilson) “Please set NEON IXIX to arrest for assault, theft of a deadly weapon from an officer, and attempted murer” (Starboard Primary Hallway (150, 129, 2))

The ahelp that took place during the arrest

Ahelp with you (that you started) some odd ten minutes later after provoking the guy

The toxic behavior in the chat which resulted in the ban (the duplicate line was actually said twice, yes)

As for being biased in favor of Ricardo… would you like to take a look at his most recent ban that actually just ended a week ago?


You’re salty you got banned for a whopping day because you instigated conflict and then wanted me to react to a baited response by the other player which you ahelped them over.


The “baited response” is, again, a precise inversion of reality. If you need to misrepresent things so egregiously then you might want to reconsider whether you have an argument at all. He was losing his mind over comms, it got grating, so I made fun of him for it. What is confusing or unclear about this?

Take a deep breath, and get a grip. Neon being your friend or whatever doesn’t justify this bias in his favor, it’s only an aggravating factor.

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You shot the brig physician with lethal force for making improvements to the brig, then tried to get him arrested for a faked capital crime for shoving you, but he’s in the wrong for getting angry on comms?

Also playing the “admin didn’t take my side so he must be the other guy’s friend” card is immensely bad faith. I see no merit in this report whatsoever.


Nope, not at all. He stole a deadly firearm from a colleague and refused to give it back. Then he threatened to illegally arrest me and created ziptie cuffs to do so. This is shitter behavior, especially considering I was the only uniformed member of sec on the station. Kind of a problem different from a shove, wouldn’t you say?

Did you not read my post, or were you attempting to misrepresent it?

My post never implied that I “did nothing wrong.” It only stated that I committed – and then resolved – minor errors in compliance with admin messages. Therefore a ban is against Admin Policy as previously stated, and can be neatly interpreted as emotionally charged and biased.

Not quite accurate from my point of view either, this makes them look substantially worse.

  • Shot Brig physician with lethal force on accident, because they last played when detective gun was non-lethal. (Also didn’t know brig physician was a real job because they didn’t exist at this time).
  • Brig physician, not knowing this was a partial accident or misunderstanding at all, retaliates by shoving detective, stealing gun and running away with it and ahelps him because he’s proven to be massive shitsec from their point of view. They think there is no admin online (because I’m stealthed) when making the ahelp, as evidenced by the details present in the ahelp.
  • Detective, as the only member of security, calls out for the brig physician to be set to arrest on false charges and carries out the arrest themselves and I start the first bwoink while they are on their way to the brig. This is shown where they are stripping the plasma tank mid-ahelp, either due to the distraction of the bwoink or just being rusty from not playing a long time.
  • Detective releases the brig physician in response to the bwoink and explanation, but does not update the arrest record

The clashing of perspectives and reasonable explanation for poor actions are why the first scenario did not result in a ban. It still looked like extreme shitsec from the other party’s point of view, but that boiled down to an IC conflict between the two of you that could be resolved in your own ways moving forward.

Ten minutes pass

  • Brig physician demands to be unset from arrest twice because of beepsky harassment
  • Detective heavily antagonizes brig physician over comms at the same time as the ahelp is started by detective against them.

I did not set the brig physician to arrest, the AI did. Detective does not even have the power to set or unset the physician to arrest so I don’t see how this warrants a ban. I didn’t know he was even set to arrest until a bwoink strangely informed me of this very-IC issue, and I tried to resolve it.

Replying to a constant juvenile meltdown is not “heavy antagonism,” go ahead and post his all-caps shrieking over comms.

thanks for the metafriend input!

this all started because 1. you didnt know what a brig phys was and 2. didnt understand what barricades are


I just defended you from a misrepresentation of what happened in a report against me and you’re going to make stuff up to try and make me look bad?
You ordered the AI to remove the arrest setting on your own and this occurred after the first bwoink ended (without me knowing they were set to arrest) and before you opened an ahelp to complain that they tried to arrest you ten minutes ago as a part of that same conflict (at which point I saw you had already ordered the AI to fix the arrest).

I only stated that they were still marked for arrest here in the thread because it was relevant to the conflict continuing later.

I’ve gone from thinking this report was made out of salt and a misunderstanding to just straight up thinking it was made in malicious bad faith now that you’ve turned to lying… so no. Head Admins can see the full logs for themselves. The other player’s reactions to you are not relevant to the report.

I’m not lying I just don’t have access to the logs and you do. I had a flurry of bwoinks coming in as this kid was shrieking over comms. Are now trying to drag me for now confusing different streams of text being blasted on my screen? Just admit that this was not a well thought-through ban and move on, dude.

But yeah the logs you posted that just strengthens my claim that I didn’t even arrest the guy, and the arrest is part of your contention that this bizarre ban is somehow justified. What’s making it even more bizarre is your attempt to smear anything presented here as “lying” especially when my above mistake doesn’t even make me look better. Have you had a rough week or something?

yeah I mistakenly shot someone and it didn’t affect their gameplay at all. Did they even need to go to med? Anyway I immediately recognized my mistake and followed all guidance to correct it. I even made attempts to correct things (him being set to arrest) without admin guidance, as the most recent posts show. Yeah, I fucked up. But bottom line is that this ban is not justified and was an emotional, kneejerk reaction to low-intensity IC issues.

cant the detectives revolver like 2 or 3 shot someone? getting shot with the dets revolver isnt something that “doesnt even need to go to med” its litterly life threatening, getting shot may not be very gameplay changing but its not a low-intensity IC issue

Maybe, but nothing really happened with the physician. He was buzzing around the station for the rest of the round. I made a mistake in assuming the bullets were rubber. Anyway that point doesn’t need to be litigated anymore.

Did you even explain to Brig Phys it was a misunderstanding or announce it over comms that it was an accident?

Explain how exactly how he broke these.

det’s revolver does fire rubber bullets, but rubber bullets haven’t done knockdown-only on this code for at least as long as covid’s been a thing. they do stamina damage but also inflict bleed and do brute. it’s not really that lethal, but it still hurts like a bitch and the bleed can be dangerous if untreated. so your bullets were rubber, it’s just rubber is a less-than-lethal as opposed to a non-lethal solution.

Proving bias is obviously impossible. But “Handle tickets respectfully, do not be condescending or aggressive in admin PM’s” is pretty clear from his petulant demeanor when I was complying fully with everything he said and going above and beyond by defusing the situation. But this:

Server bans are to be given out when a player has shown to be non-compliant with our rules or is activity malicious towards the server, the staff, or other players.

is the policy that was most clearly violated by the admin. I was not actively malicious, I made a big mistake that I did everything in my power to resolve. I was absolutely compliant as is shown by the logs. A ban was simply not called for here as per the server rules and this is just not controversial.

I’m going to end this charade now.

I see no issue with how Ruko handled this. He was not in the least bit rude or aggressive to you, especially after you accused him of being friends with the other involved player. Your initial actions could plausibly have been a mistake, but making the AI set the Brig Physician to arrest under false charges because they tried to stop you shooting them for no reason, along with goading them over comms after they became frustrated with you, quite reasonably as you had literally shot them with a lethal weapon, are not “defusing the situation” at all. You made a mistake as a returning player, were corrected and then decided to be an ass to both the admin handling the situation and the other player, presumably because of your ego not letting you back down and recognise you were in the wrong initially.

Report Rejected