Ruko did a fuko

I think ruko made a mild fuck up besides a inconvenience. anyway Yeetmister for admin 2020

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One time I was botanist, and Ruko bwoinked me cause i was growing shadowshrooms, I said i was sorry and destroyed them. Literally no one saw them, it was beyond impossible as i was only botanist and they were in the back room i was growwing for tee hees.Shit you not 3 minutes later after all the bwoinking, Ruko has another admin dude spawn in as a wizard to time stop and blind me then immediately die. with the objective “Blind Wingo Shatner, the Botanist”.



Good. Shadowshrooms are cancer, you got the shadowshroom experience but only for yourself.

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If they be bad why they still in game mr smart guy

also yeah plus the perma blindness and timestop but it certainly was darker yes

Some people bend the truth, but nobody has outright lied just to make me look bad.

  • I didn’t bwoink until after you started spreading them around
  • You did not clean them up, the rest of the station had to. You made a small effort at it and then stopped.
  • You did not apologize, you said you were just doing your job as botanist and insisted what you were doing was fine. You argued for the entire ticket and didn’t understand that an admin declaring you valid for grief means anything from spitting on you to death can be done to you
  • A wizard that happened to be an admin, but not myself, decided blinding you for planting shadowshrooms was a fitting justice. (I think he did spawn the wizard in at roundstart and that was why he was memeing instead of murdering, but the wizard was very much already on the station)
  • Despite all of the above, the only thing done to you was declaring you were valid to captain IC via CentCom and the Wizard, and neither opted to actually kill you.

In addition to all of this, I encouraged you to make an admin report because you were so convinced you were wronged, but you didn’t. Don’t try to twist the story into something that would definitely have gotten me striked for admin abuse because you’re upset that you didn’t get away with griefing the station via shadowshrooms.

that’s 100% wrong my friend. I totally cleaned them up. They got no where on the station, the wizard did time stop me and you got caught red handed doing it. I honestly should have made the report, but it looks like bean, uh, finds a way