Ruko admin abused a report about him admin abusing

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: CrackRocks

Your Discord: Crack

Offender’s CKEY: Ruko Famicom

LRP or MRP server: Forums

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/19/2021

Round Number: This happened on the forums

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Archived their own report on admin bussing, and interfered with the discussion – he should not be allowed to close down a report about himself.

Incident Description:
Ruko archived and closed a discussion about his own admin abuse, something that most people would not be afforded the luxury of doing. If another admin had done this for the same reasons, this would have been fine. But when you do it about your own report, this is obviously mishandled and extremely problematic.

This is the post in question, Ruko archived it himself, and is administering a report about himself, which is an inherently biased action.

I should also note that he did this around the same time that I started quoting actual rules, and he most likely did this for the purpose of being the last person to get a word in.

…except that is not what he did. It is temp. Closed until the other 2 headmins can take a look at it because it became just a big clownfiesta

(who would have thought a private server of a decades old game would create so much drama)


Are you actually being a karen now? Lets just wait for other admin to chime in, its USELESS to bicker in the thread if theres no other headmin to direct the discussion
And as Doctor_Ape said, its temporary closing, so we dont uselessly bicker without a point, crowding the thread

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Report was closed untill someone can actually look into it, to prevent further bloating the thread.

It’s very comonn practice to easy our administrative work.

Furthermore Ruko as involved party had a full right to defend himself and show his side of the story.

Additionally as administrator he is allowed to close the thread to disallow bloating the thread.

To be fair. You accused Ruko of bias against you, but the only one who is acting biased is you.

I will be locking this thread as well, to prevent bloat untill Crossed or Llol can look into it.


Reminder that admin reports are handled by heads and host.

You should not be allowed to get the last word in, and then close the topic behind you when you don’t like that the thread is snowballing against you.

Other people do not have that luxury, and if he truly felt it was being bloated, or in his words “edited” (even though edits are thoroughly tracked) – he should not be allowed to administer a thread about himself. The appropriate action would have been to get another admin to close the thread, as there would have been no bias.

Also a moderator locking a thread about admin abuse reeks of bias as well, I am glad that this thread was unlocked again to facilitate discussion.

Sadly the admins are the only people that can lock threads on the admins. Its just the nature of it.

And it has happend that threads get completly derailed and off topic. ruining the initial report. This has happend multiple times in the past so usualy report thread closing is good idea so atleast the import stuff gets posted instead of peanuts.

While its some what bias to lock your own thread, I dont think its that big a deal if he could otherwise just ask some one else to do it.

But thats just my 2cent

The problem is that in the thread, bias was alleged, thus if locking your own thread is a somewhat biased act, then I see it is a potential problem that warrants a second report as this is now a separate issue.

Not sure if its against the rules persay, but your free to make report about it if you think its valid. And we will see if it was

As much as i dislike Ruko, he did nothing with with locking the report. It was getting bloated with accusations left and right, and before he locked it, he left an information that its locked temporarily, until other Head Admin or Crossed look into it and review it.

If the locked thread went unresolved for a week or more, then yeah admin report abuse might be warranted ( as there might be a chance he locked it to sweep it under the rug and wait out the supposed punishment). But instead of being patient, you made another report literally in the next few hours.

In the end the most you can probably expect is " Ruko was informed that his actions were unjust and we talked to him about it. Report processed". Stop being a cringe ass nay nay baby.


This report feels petty and reeks of salt.

That said, you are technicaly correct that indeed ruko should not have touched their own report.

The conclusion - that the report should proably be locked as it was devolving into screechy arguments - was correct. As you yourself said, had any other admin done this there would not have been any issue at all.

I’ll be sure to point it out to them.

Report processed