Rue's Nations Feedback thread

This is the thread where you give me feedback (positive, negative, whatever) of the Nations round I will occassionally host!

If you have any rules you’d think they would fit the Nations gamemode, some funny events that could happen mid-round, or you just wanna thank (or yell) at me, then go ahead!

nuremberg trials but for people who maxcap and gas

If it goes well, make it a once per month thing, because I couldn’t join this time and I really want to see it done.

Nations night every other Monday maybe? Perhaps departments that are particularly epic get rewards. Centcomm and syndie weapons perhaps, more fire suits and hardsuits for example, stuff that fits the department.

Are you implying that whatever nation does well gets added content? That’s a really cool idea, but it might be hard to determine a winner and if one station wins everytime (cough cough cargo) it might not be the most balanced approach.

There could be a poll at the end of the nation round which asks which nation did best (with voting for your own disabled) to circumvent those problems.


Can’t wait to plasmaflood every nations round.

How about mixing Nations with Gangs?


  • Makes it easier to know which people are part of your department, if they’ve defected from another
  • If you’re forcibly converted you can scream that your NAP has been violated and it’s casus belli to declare war
  • By tagging your nation, you can secure weapons which otherwise only Security and Cargo can match (though Security will remain dominant due to all the Security Posts they can tag)
  • Dominators are the equivalent of trying to start a nuclear war with everyone
  • Cool uniforms your nation can all wear


  • Assistopia may be disadvantaged, though they can claim public hallways
  • Traitors as the antag type may offer greater variety of play than Gangs which often leads to similar rounds since everyone has the same weapons etc

Wait a sec

Time to main botnis again haha
Also fucking fix sep chems you jews

Make this an MRP thing with stricter rules so that all the robust greyshirts don’t go massacre everyone and all the nanions don’t declare war on eachother after the 5 minutes.


I should try that out tbh

though now that I realize it, Sec would have to use mindshield breakers to fix it first.


Adminbus them a bunch of mindshield breakers after making the HOS a gang leader, simples. Think it’s a toggle in Player Panel or at least in VV anyway.

  • Service as a department needs admin help to survive, as their territory is divided and far away from each other, an other than botany they lack proper equipment.

  • Science needs to be stopped from changing the AI’s laws to support them in every dispute.

  • Perhaps give each nation an objective periodically, with rewards for completing them. This can be used to help weaken the strong nations: e.g. making cargo/sec fight for total control of the mining base at roundstart, have science try to take control of genetics.

Give the captain, hop, or ai, a job to somehow seperate too strong nations.

Maybe they could hire a assistant to be a double agent.

Maybe they can take on security-cargo-sciencia on their own.

AKA, stop some departments from gaining TOO much power.

Literally just make AI have unchangeable laws, no plasmaflooding until a timer and done, you literally just made better nayshuns

Medistan should stay neutral ground, because from what I’ve seen they prefer everyone coming to them for heals and it can make the round itself last longer because departments don’t get totally wiped out so easily.

Make medical basically a red-cross esque doctors without borders nation that is tasked with helping all the other countries

Should delete AI upload and delete all AI upload computer thingies tbh. Though again: Deleting/changing AI laws as anyone is against the NAP and they are valid for it, and usually warrants admeme intervention.

tl;dr will start making sure AI law change is extremely hard to pull off but it’s impossible to make it… impossible, per sé.

On one hand: This entirely depends on how the CMO wants Medbay to work as (AKA is it a Nation, or some Open Border Red Cross shit?) , plus the fact that Cloning and Sleeper usage is impossible unless you have an ID equipped due to the NAP’s effect being (correctly) called “Anarcho Capitalist Station”.

aka Free Healthcare doesn’t exist: The Game.

On the other: It could potentially make Nashuns round last a lot longer.

TL;DR Depends on the CMO, though it could be modified at the hosting admin’s will if they wanna host a Nations with Medbay acting as a neutral healing ground.

Noted tbh.

Fun fact and this is something I’ve stated a lot whenever people mention stuff like this.

Nations is as fun/lengthy/chaotic as the players allow it/want it to be.

But Cap/HOP/AI are a very special type of player in Nashuns.

Captain hires an assistant to do an Inside Job? It’s fine. edit: Kinda. The line is VERY thin, though the Cap could technically hire an assistant to look into a certain Nation and get information. Though if they get caught, and they confess being hired by Cap, then Cap would be valid salad and the station would be doomed and thrown into chaos tbh.

HOP gives AA to clown in exchange for him to BRUTALLY FUCK the NAP by throwing lube grenades on public hallways, causing people to slip into crit? Perfectly fine though Clown made himself valid and all.
If he never did what HOP told him to do, that’s fine too.

AI wants to temporarily lock Sec down until they release CMO since Sec broke the NAP? Why not.

Now the thing is: They are supposed to be mediators or such, and they can’t just take a whole nation by themselves.

As I pointed to what @VictorPride and @SpaceNarin suggested before: It is up to the hosting admin’s to choose what Cap, HOP and AI are supposed to do. Nations has a ton of possibilities and ways of being played, but at the end it REALLY depends on how the players wanna do it.

Some day. Alternatively another admeme can always host it.

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