Ruediger4 Staff Feedback Thread [Retired]

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator Ruediger4

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.

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He is a good goy, talk to him whenever he is on, thought me a good load of admin tools.

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He totally badmin!!1!11!! But not really. He’s actually pretty chill. Good admeme

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Very good person and admin unfortunely deleted my kneecaps

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I got new ones so it’s all good.

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Very solid admin; hence why I listed them as a candidate for council or headmin when I stepped down.

Would trust any day of the week.

Is also a kangarue - they’re effective at handling ahelps and have a decent grasp of the rules, along with making informed and reasonable decisions.

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He’s a cuck who did an event because I asked
Bottom text
He also refused to varedit my sprite so I could show the world my doggo
is not a nyagger and is chad

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Although they’re a Brazilian furry, they’re good at what they do. I’d say that they’re one of the only people I’ve met in Space Station 13 that can use empathy correctly which has partly contributed to his success. They were also my top Headmin candidate after myself.

Other than that, they’re a good person at heart and it truly shows by the decisions he makes as an Admin.

Ruediger4. Headmin. Brazilian. Furry. Good friend.

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An amazing guy as both player and admin. One of the nicest and funnest guys you can meet, as well as (what I think) is a fair admin. Is Brazilian, though. Still a good guy who deserves his position even more than I do. Hope ya stay with us, lad


literal brazillian

20 character haha poopy qwerty

@Xlyana close this, , , ,

Edit: nvm I can close it myself, god bless Leader trust level