Rudemem Sage Server Banned by Ro

Title: Ban Appeal Rudememe Sage Server

CKEY: Rudememe

Admin’s CKEY: ro5490

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 27/01/2021

Round ID: 26487

Ban Reason: Powergaming - As a non-antag assistant, you went and collected the follow items. - A fire axe from atmos, A laser scalpel and full medkit from medbay, A full toolbelt, Jackboots, Advanced Sunglasses, Flash, Stunbaton, Syringe Gun, Disabler, Smoke and Smart-foam grenades, A security ID that wasnt yours, Handcuffs, and pepperspray. You also went and got telekenisis. Appeal on the forums

Appeal Reason:

As Admin didn’t told me that he was going to ban me anyways besides explaining myself in the tickets i have sent to him and him not closing it and letting me to just keep writting not noticing i was already banned in the last two ticket i have sent to him I had to come here to appeal for my ban.

I’ve complaints about this ban because as I’ve told the admin before being banned all he had too do was just told me ‘‘Drop the sec gear you just took from the floor’’ and that’s all he had to said instead of him just putting me on a centcomm cell like if I was priviting someone from their game by using the sec gear i’ve took on them. This gear happened to be on an stasis bed, there was no dead body in top of that gear, there was no ssd body or even a living body on the bed where the sec gear stood, I didn’t stripped anyone from their belognings, I’ve just stole them, there wouldn’t be just a major theft? Because I did not keep anyone of playing his game as I’ve told to talk to the admin, I just took them, nothing else, I did not shoot the disabler, I did not flashed anyone, I did not cuffed anyone and I did not attempted to do anything really, just took them, thats all and all the admin had to do was just telling me to drop 'em and it was just enough, like I didn’t even shoved anyone, I did not harm anyone on that round and admin treated me like I was doing it, he didn’t even stopped to just saw what I was about to do with it, I have no excuses for taking them but I don’t understand why I just got treated as I’ve used them against someone or using the sec Id to break into some place.

Then he told me that I cannot have the fireaxe, I’ve took the fireaxe from atmos,
Captain went inside engineering so I just went with him too, no body care about me, I took the fire axe and tried to break a locker from engineering because I needed a firesuit as half of the hallways had high pressure, I’ve failed then I was using the fireaxe to break cameras as it was more easy for me to break them that just use tools with one arm, my inet connection was doing porly today and opening the tool belt happened to be a pain from time to time in that round takin the tool was the same, so, i’ve told the admin that I was using it to break cameras, I did not butchered anyone with it, this was way before getting the sec gear.

Okay, till that point it was fair to me that at least have a bwoink, sec gear was a too much and I had apologized to the admin and i’ve told him that i won’t do it again if that was enough for him, as I said, all he had to do was just telling me to drop the sec gear and the fire axe if he didn’t liked to me to have them. But it got really unfair when he told me that I cannot have stuff that I just can find on maints like, everyone can take them, why I can not? Jackboots, the cards that just people who knows what they can do cares? Sunglasses? Really I cannot have sunglasses? Smart-foam grenades that nobody was using and that could have been helpful in a hurry where everything was just blowing up and they just stood there and nobody was even using them? A medkit that i need because i was burning myself from high pressure while medicine has doctors, machines and more of this kits to heal people? I know the point, I had too much harmful stuff but taking from the catalog the maint stuff would be the fair thing as they have been with me in a lot of shifts and if it is not me, will be anyone else, I can collect stuff as an assistant or i can not?

I understand that everything that I had can be used for griefing, killing, self-antaging, but a seven day ban for something that could just have been resolved by telling me ‘leave everything you shouldn’t have where it belongs’ was rough, I saw this as an unfair punishment as I did not use any of this stuff nor prevent anyone from playing the game, there was a lot of thing happening and security won’t care about me If i did not use anything of it but I saw all of it as major thief and I was disposed to give eveything away if admin just told me to do, I said to him that i won’t do it again and that i had sorry for taking the sec gear.

Additional Information:

As you dont seem to understand the issue here even after I explained it to you in your ahelps, I’ll post the exact rule as it is on our MRP rules page.

I’ve even highlighted the main issue here too.

You’ve played on this server since early last year, I know this as I remember banning you back then too.
It doesnt seem much about your play style has changed at all since then either.

I understand you’ve apologised and I accept that, however you should also know better, and as you had a full set of tools, you could have easily disabled cameras with just a screwdriver instead of grabbing a fire axe, and then attempting to break into an engineering locker for a firesuit, when there are literally dozens of actual fire lockers all over the station.

You had 0 need for a fire axe, you had 0 need for ANY of the security gear, especially a stolen security ID, you had no need at all for a laser scalpel or syringe gun, and I have a very strong suspicion that you’re deliberately lying about your motives due to how you’ve been in the past.

Personally I’d like to deny this as you should know better by now after playing for so long.
But I’ll wait for input from the other @GameAdmin 's first before doing anything else.

Right now I side with @ro5490, but before that’s taken and the thread just closes, some questions for @RudeMeme

  1. Can you give me your definition of powergaming and why you don’t think what you’re doing is powergaming.

  2. Define role-playing and tell me a bit about why your character would be taking the actions they are as a professional NT employee.

  3. Why do you play on sage instead of Golden

Would like to note that you are not banned from Golden, where there is no powergaming rule to stop you from gathering whatever you want (excluding uniques)


I think this has been long-enough to deny, as you dont seem to want to respond to the above questions.
Unless another admin says otherwise this will be denied in 24h
I’m gonna leave this open til you reply or it expires.

I’m not sure they’ve seen the questions at all since they haven’t even logged in since posting the appeal.

Appeal denied due to the ban being up. Don’t Do this shit again.