Rublax mentor app 2

Your CKEY: rublax

Your Discord: im discord server banned anyways but if u rlly need it comment

How long have you been playing ss13?: uhhh like more than a year maybe?

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: probably the same people who vouched for my first one

Game Experience (More Detailed):

i like playing assistant but I know most jobs bc i played on other servers aswell. still suck at atmos/toxins and viro but decently good at everything else

snippet from my last application
I play like everyday lol mostly as assistant, but ive done a lot of chemist and xenobio on yog and on bee too. also used to main chaplain and hop for a bit. good with robo aswell but im poop at toxins. I am pretty nice with cargo, alright with engi (cant really do atmos but ive never really tried either), good with medbay (except viro), good with science (except toxins) and good with service (used to play cook and bartender for a bit). never really played botanist on bee but i am not that bad at it.


You’ve got a lot of playtime and you seem to know or have played most jobs extensively so if I was a min this would be a +1
Edit: also I heard you are robust so that’s even better

With 668 in game hours, there’s no way for this guy to go wrong.
I would love it if the application was more detailed, but it’s safe to assume the hours speak for themselves.

+1 from me

+1 dude knows plenty, is robust and chill

-2, was previously dementored for repeat metagrudge notes/bans.


+1 good hours and no unpleasant experiences with him

-1 for the reasons stated by cae

ur not an admin doe,
and cae, kate was a mentor with 2 pages of bans when I have <1 . It took a 150 page thread to get her dementored… cringe

hasn’t xdyou been permabanned multiple times while still having mentor status?

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-1 meta grudge mean
metainfo bad

-1 for reasons above

Can you link that shizzle?

He was a mentor, and now he isn’t. Because there is currently no mentor reports system it was handled internally. I can however link the bans that led to it being placed.

ok so

there was literally no metagrudge involved in this ban idk where ruko got that from

also literally no metagrudge at all here, i have no idea where ruko got it from again

this one is kinda true, some other dude was beating their ass so i helped them. obviously some metaknowledge there

Bruh are u. “just take my word for it!”headass

ngl tho didn’t necessarily take u for a metagrudger, just someone that occasionally enjoys minstrel tunes

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someone can check the logs for me if you dont believe me

cringe griefer ngl thats kinda gay

griefer? ok mrp player :face_vomiting:

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I would -2, but I’m just gonna step in and deny this one.

Mentor conduct will be posted in the near future and I don’t have any reason to believe you’ll be able to follow it.

It looks like you spend almost as much time banned as unbanned and on top of these you have 43 notes.