Roundstart alien infested crewmember chance

What if there was a chance that you can start with alien inside you ?
Pretty dope ?


I mean, the chance to randomly die a few minutes after you start your shift doesn’t sound fun.

The chance to roll as a xeno antag and become the larvae that pops out of your chest does.


you can remove it and it takes long time to hatch actually

there’s already a chance for xenoegg to spawn roundstart in xenobio containment chamber

barely happeneds, Also constant traitor with this added would make it nice for a change

the xeno egg memes in xenobio rarely end in xenos getting out because they cant… unless you self antag and let them out.
While THIS is scary but can be easily removed with operation in time, since the time it takes the alien to hatch is very longg

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you can fool people into thinking n2o can put xenos to sleep
i told our hive of 6+ aliens to rest as soon as humans gassed us with n2o and they actually disabled the security measures
it was glorious but you need people who arent braindead for that


wrong, the xenobio “containment chamber” (and infact literally the entire station) is NOT able to contain xenomorphs, ive seen people try it DOZENS of times and every single time the xenos broke out one way or another, the only way to stop them from breaking out is killing them.

You need to break the wires under the tiles connecting the shield walls to turn it off unless someone wired redundencys you can break out like that

the shield walls will eventually overload if hit enough, its the number one cause of xeno outbreaks.

From my experience the number 1 cause of beno outbreak is a failed attempt to burn beno down with plasma. It just burns down xeno instead benos live long enough to get out.

yes i saw that before but other examples ? No