Round ID: 32540 Multi-Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Daridine

Your Discord: Evelina#3104

Offender’s CKEY: I only have 1 of the CKeys. RenaultClio as Veezara-Seek

Offender’s In-Game Name(s):
James H.L.F Robinson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09/07/2021

Round Number: 32540

Rules Broken:
Self Antag, murderbone maybe?

Incident Description:

This may be an incident of just not seeing everything happening. I wish the round score screen had more information on it regarding names. If all is cool lemme know and just close the thread.

The players:
Veezara-Seek - An obsessed with Shady and Kiera as targets.
James H.L.F Robinson - Some cargo guy? Not sure, also not on round results.
Thomas Connor - I assume Gerald Lopez, Quartermaster. Equipped with shotgun and krav maga.
PeePeePooPoo The LizardGirl - I assume this is/was Explodes-Herself-Alot, as I was abducted by this name in the round, and they are the only syndie with completed contracts.
Evelina Haptism: Me. The HoP

After a clusterfuck of a round we are all trying to leave.

On the shuttle Thomas Connor (Who might be Gerald Lopez) was hijacking or emagging shuttle. Locked everyone out. Borgs had bolted down the doors to the cockpit with him inside. Several things happen, I’m having a hard time piecing each together so I’m just gonna list the details for the 2 Reporting.

While trying to get into the cockpit to stop the obvious traitor, Veezara the obsessed, was helping defend him while asking around for Kiera.
Then once the fight broke out, assisted the syndicate agents in kicking the crap out of me.
I cannot for the life of me find rules for the obsessed, but I thought they were still crew and not free to attack anyone.

James H.L.F. Robinson
After swearing at Thomas in anger I get wallshoved by James and he buddies up with the Syndicate Quartermaster.
Not shown, a clustertruck of combat logs where James helps the syndicate beat my shit in.

I cannot find any reason this guy is siding with an antagonist. None of the antagonists purchased hyno equipment as per the end screen (Might not show, I dunno)

Trying Process of Elimination
Iplayforss13 = Gerald Lopez = Thoman Connor = Traitor. Checks out.
Showgun = Ana Alice = Dead on End screen. So it can’t be one of these people
Howluinb = Explodes-Herself-Alot = PeePeePooPoo The LizardGirl = Traitor. Checks out
Null0 = Rose Strider = Dead on End Screen. Can’t be this person
RenaultClio = Veezara-Seek = Obsessed. I don’t think they are supposed to help the syndicate, but I don’t know because I CANNOT find the rules.
James H.L.F. Robinson = ?!?

There’s technically a Space Ninja left, but I don’t think it was them.

Additional Information:
I really do think someone should give a look at this round. It might be too much to look through though, as there was a LOT happening.

I aHelped to ask:
And the ticket was immediately marked as an IC issue.

TLDR: Obsessed and Non-Antagonist help kiss and throw the HoP out of an airlock of the escape shuttle because…?

PSS: These suck to fill out. I can see why people hate doing these.

All I have to contribute, was that the Space Ninja was played by ckey: AmazingGayDude, Dallas Ratcliff. He took me as a hostage at the end and we escaped on a pod, he was not present on the shuttle

Im no admin, but i kind off feel like that obessed people should be able to work with the syndicate so long it counts reasonably towards their objectives, sadly kiera got stolen by ninja

Right, I was the admin who marked it as IC. Here’s my side:
First off, Veezara, Explodes-Herself, and Gerald are antags, they cannot self-antag by definition.

As to murderbone: one kill is not murderbone.

Some important context: both of the traitors got highrolls off of their contract kits, with Explodes getting a medkit (plus combat defib), and Gerald getting the combat gloves plus (which grant Krav Maga). As a result, both of them were relatively loud, with Explodes openly walking the halls wearing the Head of Security’s cloak. In addition, the ninja had eliminated two security officers. At the point where the report occurred, I would pretty much consider the traitors to be in open control of the station.

As to the Obsessed working with the Syndicate, the whole point of Obsessed is that your obsession has gone so far you’ll resort to anything to be near your Obsession (thus murdering their coworker and eventually murdering them), and this is why I think working with the Syndicate was reasonable.

So, this brings us to the actions in question in the report. The two teams are lined up as follows:
Team A:
The HoP with minimal armament (I believe you only had your miniature energy pistol)
Team B:
James’s Boss (Gerald the traitor) who had been arming up cargo the whole shift, and had multiple guns and Krav Maga. Additionally, he had openly hijacked the shuttle earlier, and the sheer confidence of strolling up to the console and hijacking would lead anyone to believe he was packing a major punch.
James’s Coworker (Veezara the Obsessed) who had multiple guns
Explodes, who had been running around zapping people with the combat defib, dragging them to contractor extraction, and was wearing the HoS cloak (90% of the time, people wearing that cloak who are not the HoS had to kill the HoS to get it, which is what Explodes had done). Explodes had multiple guns and a combat defib at bare minimum, I didn’t do a full Check Contents.

Because of this drawing of teams, I believe it is a perfectly reasonable IC belief that you would die if you made these people mad, and it would be a good idea to play along with them.

This is why I ruled the conflict to be IC, and at this time I stand by that ruling.

That does make a bit more sense, and murder one isn’t really needed in the report. I’d put that as I will admit I was still a bit salty when writing this up.

I did understand that Gerald and Explodes were antags, which is why I wasn’t reporting them. Just explaining why they were there.

I’d just like clarification of what obsessed can and can’t do, as well as still wondering why and what James was doing fighting with the syndicate.

Per Escalation Policy, Obsessed has standard non-murderbone Antagonist escalation, and I can’t find anything explicitly forbidding them from teaming with the Syndicate, so I will take that to mean that they are fully able to.

As to James, think about the following situation IC: As a grown adult employed by a research station, when a team of three, including your boss and your coworker, murders the Head of Security, openly carries lethal weapons, isn’t stopped by security, and hijacks the shuttle you’re on, wouldn’t you try to gain their favor in an attempt to avoid them harming you, or even to gain their protection?

So we can aid confirmed eotc then? this is like opening a can of worms, sure opening door for em, surrendering item, etc is kinda make sense, but to actively helping to kill your own boss (hop is supply head last time i check)? Even if you survive that day, NT will make sure you wont survive tomorrow.

In this situation, I don’t think it warrants administrative action, because of the following reasons:
A. The chaos of the situation. The shuttle was a bit confused, with it being hijacked, multiple people with lethal weapons, and two borgs (both on Asimov) calling each other rogue.
B. James only ever performed unarmed attacks. He shoved the HoP once and kicked them a few times. He performed no armed attacks.
C. I would assert that at this point of the round, Explodes and Gerald had almost complete control over the station. If I’m not mistaken, Evelina was the only Head left alive, with Explodes having killed the HoS and the Captain, if not more.

I definitely do not think this is a blanket assist-the-eotc, I think this is playing along with a superior force in order to survive.


The shuttle was hijacked, they did not return to Central Command, the shuttle landed at the Syndicate Recon Outpost.

I may be wrong, and that’s for the full admins to decide, but as of now I stand by my actions.

Hmm, yea, just want to know if the aiding antag rule is flexible or not, but being actively killed by non antag as a head thats trying to protect his and his crew wellbeing sure is, salty inducing to say the least. Lets hope a headmin can straight this out.

Ah yea this point i forgot, so more or less syndicate got a shuttle full of hostage, but well…cause its after round stuff, no one will care anyway. But if the aiding antag rule is flexible, its a valid reason to lick the traitor boot (i dont know any saying in english beside this).

It is, to an extent.
As it is an RP server, and you are expected to behave as reasonable people, with the thoughts of self preservation, under coercion it is understandable to follow orders.
For example, if someone has a gun at the back of your head, it is reasonable to aid them by opening the door they are telling you to do so in front of you both. It is not reasonable for them to say “hey go open that door on the other side of the station.” and you to then actually follow through on this. You would be expected to verbally agree, then on leaving the threatening area and being safe, to then ignore their order.

To avoid any confusion here as above, You are expected to behave as reasonable people, with the thoughts of self preservation. You are not there to aid them, you are aiding yourself to stay alive

As a non antag, if you can clearly be seen aiding them, not attempting to escape, helping them out of your own free will, you can expect a ban.

As an antag, your priority is your objectives. If another antag you are aiding, for example has hijack and murderbone objectives, this does not give you license to murderbone the station as well, you are still bound by your own rule set as your specific antagonist.

So from what I can see above here, this boils down to; is the obsessed allowed to kill someone not related to their objective? Please feel free to correct me if I have misinterpreted or misread anything here.

I’m currently at work and will have a scour through logs later tonight.

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Also, is a non antag allowed to assist in beating up forget nom antag

So the non antag assisting the QM that is clearly a traitor, for the sole reason that they are the QM was definitely a shitter move. If your boss is hijacking the shuttle you need to remember you only serve under them, but really work for NT and that is where your priorities lie. There’s far to many logs of them assisting the QM, however the summary below is a taste.


SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) Fuck you cunt (Emergency Shuttle (206, 141, 2))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) Thats the QM your talkin to (Emergency Shuttle (207, 140, 2))
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) Ayo (Emergency Shuttle (207, 141, 2))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) Boss (Emergency Shuttle (207, 141, 2))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) Let us in (Emergency Shuttle (206, 141, 2))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) AYO (Emergency Shuttle (75, 135, 9))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) DONT TOUCH MY BOY (Emergency Shuttle (75, 135, 9))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) I WILL FUCK YOU UP (Emergency Shuttle (74, 134, 9))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) BITCHASS (Emergency Shuttle (75, 134, 9))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) We did it boss (Emergency Shuttle (75, 134, 9))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) CARGONIANS RULE. (Emergency Shuttle (75, 134, 9))|
EMOTE: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) laughs (Emergency Shuttle (75, 134, 9))|
SAY: Spongerei/(James H.L.F Robinson) Cargonia above all (Emergency Shuttle (75, 134, 9))|


The obsessed has in no way a relation to the syndicate and should only ever “work together” if it helps them get closer or seek out or so on, the person they are obsessed with. As in my previous post. Kicking the shit out of someone while trying to get onto the shuttle your boss has hijacked for no other reason than they are there

[2021-09-07 03:36:02.848] SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “haha that would really be a shame if I were a serial killer with goals to take over the escape shuttle haha…” (Central Primary Hallway (103, 141, 2)


As soon as I started going through here my suspicions were confirmed. Them attacking you had no real relation to being obsessed and all to do for the same reason as above “Cargonia”


SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “cargonians RULE” (Emergency Shuttle (71, 135, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “Damn right” (Emergency Shuttle (72, 135, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “Ain’t no-one stop us” (Emergency Shuttle (72, 135, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “damn” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “Explodes” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “why you do it” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “why you off sec so hard” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “based” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “nice nice” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))
SAY: RenaultClio/(Veezara-Seek) “virtuous mission i can respect that” (Emergency Shuttle (74, 130, 9))

Impromptu nations no matter what time of the shift will always result in bans, aiding antagonists because lolbased will also always result in bans.


Upon banning appears that Spongerei is already permanently banned, a note has been added to their list if / when they ever appeal in at least a year.

RenaultClio banned appropriately.