RougeNPS Mentor App

Your CKEY: RogueNPS

Your Discord: Dont know, cant use Discord anyway.

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since August of 2019 i think? If someone could check my CKEY to check when my account was created then since then.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I have no idea. Edit: KazooBard probably.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I have God knows how many hours in Beestation (I think like 500-ish.) When i first started playing i used to only play Golden (When it had highpop.) but moved to Sage. I have played just about every server you can think of for at least 10 ours. I played on Yogs exclusively for like…3 months last year then moved to Bee as my primary server. I have played a lot of Aurorastation, Baystation, Eris, /vg/, not a ton of /tg/ (I think i have like 50h on all of their servers combined.), at least a dozen hours on Fulp (I think.), a bunch on Desert Rose (I know. Shut up.), i play NSV whenever its up, i used to play CM a lot, i play TGMC a lot, i used to play Para but i am permbanned from their (I dont see this as a bad thing. Fuck Para.), and i have played a fuckton of Goon. I think thats about it. As you can guess…i play a fucking lot of SS13, i used to play for like 14 to 18 hours straight every single day. It got unhealthy but i bumped it down to like…5-ish. I think that alone would be sufficient. Even if i dont understand the intricacies of all the systems (I cant do Toxins or Chemistry. Those are my weak points and i dont play medical enough to have CMO unlocked somehow. Yet i know medical quite well since i can perform basically every surgery on Bee.) Also i have read through every mentor app since i joined the forum so i absorbed all that.

Obligatory Playtime Screenshot:

Additional Information: I have genuinely no idea how this is going to go. I dont expect it to be accepted anyway since i cant (And wont.) use Discord. But i thought i might give it a shot anyway. Ask me anything but preferably things that arent Toxins, Viro, or advanced Chemistry related since i am weak on those areas.

I give this a hesitant +1

You have been a bit rocky on notes, but you definitely know what you’re doing with Tesla a little better after the most recent incident.

Yeah that was entirely my fault. I completely forgot to even add them because im used to them being ordered and there. But it was entirely an accident. At least only me and a borg died. And the borg wasnt even salty about it.

Also yes i am aware of my notes. I understand them now. Especially silicon policy holy shit you guys really need to rewrite that.

Also i dont know if this would mean anything but before i started playing i watched SS13 videos on Youtube (BPL represent.) for like a year and a half.

Yeah I’ve known RogueNPS OOC for some time now and I think he deserves a +1, although maybe learning a couple things you don’t know how to do already may make this better for everybody.

+1 looks alright

So im at 3 now. Wow. Didnt expect that.

Every time i try to learn toxins i end up with a plasmafire, a dud, or end up dead because the person teaching mean fucks up. I dont have the patience to learn Viro for some reason. I have been working on trying to get better at chemistry.

Toxins is hot plasma and cold air with a bit of superchill paprika trit, chems is just make stuff on the wiki and creating factories rest of the round, and virology is just take the cool bits from diseases and make a cool disease

Yeah i know that. I just dont know how to apply it. Every time i try advanced chemistry i run out of space in the beaker or explode.

Use bs beakers or work at 10u of each chem, removing exccess liquid and always keeping the space before the final recipie at 10u. Also you shouldn’t be exploding if you’re using stabilizing agent / heaters / not making potassiym bombs, if it doesnt explode, use igniter and s p a m

Thanks for the tip.


Oh yeah questions

  1. Man asks “Cant make cult man transmutation circle with book”, what say?
  2. Gamer asks for recipie for irish car bomb drink
  3. Man asks “How to remotely set off ghetto ied device”
  4. Man comes in with 400 burn damage and husked body, cloner is gone and surgery tools are in the hands of local clown, how fix?
  5. Whats your favourite space ruins
  6. You see a lot of chatter on the common chat with people not on the crew manifest spouting the same nonesence constantly, what is the cause of this?
  7. How do you lay xeno eggs as a human?
  8. Man asks how to become beeg monkey as geneticist, how do?

I dont play much heretic but im pretty sure you need to use your knife.

Dont play Bartender much so no idea without wiki diving.

Remote Signaler.

I believe its Synthflesh you have to apply to the body.

Comms Agent outpost. Unless you mean in all the servers then its probably the Wizard Den.

Either Comms Agent, some stupid Circuit, or the fucking geneticists transformed their monkeys into humans and gave them spray tan or the swearing gene. (Cant spell it. Sorry.)

Pretty sure you need one of the xeno organs implanted into you. Which one i cannot say since they are all named xeno organs to my knowledge.

Pretty sure you need to find the Giantism trait and apply it to a monkey. Honestly not sure how you turn into a Gorilla. I do know its a Traitor Gene item. But im not sure if you can otherwise.

Usually the most asked questions, its using your mansus grasp while equipping it

Fair, my second main role was bartender so I usually ask drink recipies

Specifically a igniter - remote signaller device but yeah

Yeah, bonus points if you know the specific cool guy method to do it

That is a pretty fun space ruin, im more for the morph ridden station myself

Nice, was looking for spray tan monkeys, big bonus for the circuts and swearing :DDD

Correct c:

Smh ruined my whole opinion on you DDD: You gotta use monkify and apply 1000% rads (most easily done through console by spamming buttons)

Overall really good, you’ve got good knowledge, you’d be an amazing addition to the mentor team :DDD (please come to lrp its gets lonely with just me Ivan and Mat)


Can you believe i have never been Incursion once? I play a lot of rounds and almost never roll antag. I also have Heretic turned off anyway.

I looked it up. Irish Cream and Ale.

Ah. I dont make IEDs so i forgot. Used to do it a lot in my early days.

Throw an entire bottle at them?

You mean the Creature one?

Lol. Also, you didnt specify what kind of speech is was so i went with the most common answer.

Ah ok. I didnt know if it was the same as the /tg/ way. I thought it was traitor only. Oh well.

Thanks. I will be on Golden more probably soon.

Current total for me:

+1 from Ruko.
+1 from Kyle.
+1 from Blue.
+1 from Engelwood.

So im at +4. How many do i need?

Usually +6 is an autoaccept. Pretty sure once bossman bloons gets here he’ll proccess it as accepted regardless

Ah ok. So i guess i just wait till he wakes up. XD

I’ll +1 this. You have some good knowledge, and despite however many notes, your OOC attitude doesn’t read like a shitter, so I’ll follow Ruko.

3 temp. 2 perm.

1 of the perms is because i didnt understand silicon policy. The other is because i didnt understand how Blood Cult worked from like two years ago when i started playing.

1 temp is a disagreement over station naming convention with Ruko. Another is from before the Rules Rewrite over Hardsuits, also with Ruko. And the third was because i did a stupid with a Tesla once that only killed me and a borg (Thankfully.) and forced a shuttle call.

Also i see you call the time in Dchat as Jimmy. You are a good guy.

Edit: Forgot a temp. Handing out AA to sec and command. I actually forgot the context for this one. I dont even remember that incident.