Rosebrandon0 banned by Bastian0930

CKEY: Rosebrandon0

Admin’s CKEY: Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Game

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/26/19

Round ID: 9531

Ban Reason: Ignited the Plasma Shuttle

Appeal Reason: Igniting the plasma shuttle was a short sighted mistake that I made out of impulse, curious if plasma was still flammable in a state as a construction material. My lack of knowledge about the game’s mechanics, failure to control impulsive behavior, and lack of basic risk assessment skills had serious consequences that greatly impacted the progression of the round and the welfare of several other players. I further failed to take responsibility for my actions by not initiating or being present to engage in discussion of the situation with an admin, instead doing a further impulsive and conceited attempt to go without reprisal.

I would like to have the ban appealed in observance of my realization of the gravitas of my actions, and can assert that the experience gained from the scenario will empower me not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Additional Information:

Thanks for being polite about it. However, you have 248 hours. I’m lowkey a little sus on that. How have you not known that?

With regards to the high number of play hours in the game, they don’t reflect well my practical knowledge. Most, if not all, of the hours in this game are playtime from many years ago when I was considerably younger. A time when I was significantly less perceptive and mature. A younger me who did not have the patience to read wikis and communicate with an engaging community, or otherwise make any effort to learn about the game and it’s depth. Playtime that was often broken up by exodies forced unto my younger self by bannings inevitable for such a player. In addition to this, the retainment of what knowledge I had obtained is poor.

With regards to the specific mechanic in question- plasma being flammable in a refined construction form. I’ve performed some thoughtful self-reflection why my thought patterns would produce such a result and think I have a fulfilling answer. My perception of this mechanic was subconsciously addled by gamelogic from other games I am familiar with. This may sound difficult to understand at face value, but I’ll go on to explain.

It is a common trait in video games that when materials undergo a refinement or crafting process, the attributes of that material can change. Sometimes they change dramatically in contrast with the material you started with. A good example, especially for this scenario considering the results of my actions, of this logic is displayed in Minecraft. Raw Netherack is a material that appears in Minecraft that has a unique ability to burn forever when lit aflame, but when refined and crafted into netherbrick construction blocks it loses this quality. Alas, unless someone would read or be explicitly told that netherbrick blocks don’t burn forever like it’s base material, the only way for a player to learn this is to apply fire to a netherbrick block and see what happens.

And so, my brain made a subconscious connection between SS13 and Minecraft’s game logic. And, in the presence of an impulsive curiosity in pursuit of an answer to my quandary, it had serious consequences to the detriment of the round.

Thank you for your feedback on my appeal. I see now in hindsight I should have more clearly addressed the reason for my lack of knowledge of the game’s mechanics, and provided a more adequate explanation as to what series of unfortunate events led up to my decision of fallacy, in the original ban appeal.

I am still interested in continuing a discussion about this appeal. I would appreciate your continued feedback on this topic.

I’ll leave this at a week, does that sound fair?

I am happy to hear this.

Locking as it’s been resolved.