Roosevelt97 Job ban

To put it simply: It’s almost never within bounds to directly side with Nanotrasen unprompted.

You may act like you’re siding with them, just as they may act like they’re siding with you, but there should always be an attempt to keep the narrative within parameters and some form of betrayal planned later.

Had you sent that message to the captain and then sold out random people who weren’t traitors as if they were, that’d be a fine gimmick to keep the narrative going and interesting, especially if such “traitors” were your assassination targets. The station would have to think twice about wanting to revive them to some extent.

If you’re already arrested and bargaining for your life, this is a good time and place to try bargaining, but again keep betrayal in mind.

This was done near to the start of the round before any shit hit the fan and went on for the duration of the round. There was no intention of deception because they were cursing and salting at the captain up and down in dead chat after being executed.

I wasn’t trying to side with Nanotrasen (I did complete my evil objectives after all), I just figured that since I’d already done my job of stealing from them, I might as well try to get more stuff from the other traitors and get a free ride out.

alrighty yeah that’s fair.
But one indisputable note for an ultimately unrelated thing (since you can’t even be head antag) isn’t toooooooooooooooo bad?

It’s up to Ruko I guess. I don’t intend to play head anytime soon unless there’s no one else to fill the slots; I just want my options open for the future

also one thing we’ve completely forgotten
the new permaban policy
does it only apply to game bans or any kind of ban?
Like i think it’s worth bringing up but based on the fact that you haven’t ima guess no

I have no idea honestly

Job bans are either limited duration or “until general improvement is shown”. This is the latter.

I would recommend holding off on the appeal until you plan to play heads again, to be honest, but I’m not going to deny this unless other admins wish to sustain it as well.

If we talking ic/ in game lore stuff here, what youre doing is essentially painting a big red target on your back for other syndicate to shoot at (as you outed other traitor to the station, making nt know they were syndicate agent) well killing em for tc is kinda fair game, but outing em is unnecessary imo.

Even when syndicate faction may sent their agent to kill other faction agent, nanotrasen employee will ALWAYS kill a syndicate agent (as aiding one knowingly is kinda breaking the law, and rule)

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Fair enough. I was just trying to make things interesting, and it ended up blowing up in my face

So, is this approved or denied? Been sitting here a while with nothing happening.

Officially neither.
I suggested you wait to appeal until you actually want to play heads again, but until another admin weighs in, I can’t deny it.

if they weigh in suggesting I lift it, I’ll do so.

In my opinion this should be denied for the time being.

You’ve said yourself that you don’t intend to play command roles for a while.
So what I would recommend doing is to continue playing without causing too much trouble. And then when you do want to play head roles again you make an appeal after you’ve shown that you have a better understanding of the rules.

Can I get the security roles back? I would like to play as the detective again if possible.

No. Your continued negative behavior proves you aren’t ready for such yet.

This appeal is denied.