Roosevelt97 Job ban

CKEY: Roosevelt97

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Job ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Had a dispute with Ruko over Russian Roulette as HoP. My response to being HoP against my will was admittedly inappropriate; I was having a bad day dealing with real-life bureaucrats and lashed out when I had to play as one.
Appeal Reason:
I’ve been trying to improve my roleplay, I’ve been quite helpful most rounds. I haven’t caused any major trouble since, and I’d like the option to play as a more important role to be open. I don’t intend to play as a head for a while, but if there is a round with a slot that needs filled, I would like to be able to try it.
Additional Information:

Here’s your notes from the last three weeks.


As a lawyer, was dragging around a locker with 3 energy guns and selling/distributing them to crew for very cheap on blue alert, without any real IC motivation outside of “desiring [extra money]”. Also had insulated gloves (and their own e-gun)


made and released a virus with bad sympthons ( uneutered) and also made a virus for EORG with and used it on two people before EORG.

and upon deeper review of your logs it seems you’re also a problematic traitor.

PDA: Roosevelt97/(Carter Blaine) (PDA: �PDA to Varisia Lote (Captain)) “Hello captain. I am a traitor. I’m using a PDA I took from a dead guy I found, so don’t expect to locate me this way. I’ve got a deal that might interest you.” (Chemistry (167, 120, 2))
PDA: Roosevelt97/(Carter Blaine) (PDA: �PDA to Varisia Lote (Captain)) “I’ve got some fairly harmless objectives. Steal some research and a tank of plasma. I’ve accomplished these with no harm done and no tc spent, with no one knowing who I am. I have the code words used by other traitors and could help you identify them, maybe even take them down for you” (Chemistry (167, 120, 2))
PDA: Roosevelt97/(Carter Blaine) (PDA: �PDA to Varisia Lote (Captain)) “Aight. I believe I know the identities of 2 of them at present. I will confirm via code words, then terminate them and leave their bodies and equipment for you.” (Chemistry (167, 120, 2))

Selling out your comrades to the station for no reason is not good roleplay and antagonists are usually banned from such roles for going out of their way to assist the station in such ways.

So my vote is a hard no and you can consider this an official warning for your antagonist conduct.

Awaiting other opinions before I close this.

Alrighty, I see ruko is replying so this’ll be finished soon one way or another, but just a quick note about job selection

The game always selects players for heads and AI first, then selects for other jobs. So even if you have HoS on low, if nobody else has HoS on medium or high, you might be forced to play as HoS regardless of other preferences. The only way to avoid this is to have all heads set to NEVER and only latejoin as one if you want to play as one.

Hopefully this will help prevent you getting angry about having to play as a beaurocrat (and we have cryo pods for a reason), but looking at Ruko’s reply it doesn’t look like you’re getting unbanned. Well, I tried.

Hold it. I haven’t been a security officer in the past 3 weeks, that’s one of the jobs I’m banned from. Not possible

The virus was an accident, I suck at playing viro.

Even if you suck at viro, explicitly prepping for EORG is powergaming. Your character has no reason to prep for it - you’re just amassing powerful objects for no IC reason.

I did try selling e-guns, I stopped after an admin said that was bad and I have avoided doing so since. That one was on me

I wasn’t trying to make an EORG death virus, I tried to make a self-respiration virus to keep us alive on the shuttle

I had an thought about this but I’ll make a thread for it.

Oh wait I remember this one, it had macrophage didn’t it? You released it hoping to keep people alive, and wueue saw the macrophage as an intentionally bad symptom while you were trying to use it to spread the self resp, if i recall.

Confirmed the note about security was from a player report and wasn’t noted as such. It’s not from recent times.

Can you answer for the lawyer and selling out fellow tots for no reason though?

For more clarification on this, I added a nasty virus with strong stats to a self-respiration bottle in an attempt to try to make the self-respiration stronger. It was an attempt to save lives, not kill people for EORG

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That one was on me. I was trying to roleplay a corrupt lawyer, went too far. Admin asked me about it, I agreed to stop, never did it again.

As for selling out the traitors, I figured that was within the bounds of RP since the Syndicate sends people to kill other agents quite often, as it’s composed of many different factions and not one organized whole. It backfired on me eventually, as the captain betrayed me and had me killed on the shuttle.

If that’s not acceptable I won’t do it again, I just thought that was allowed and it fit the backstory I saw on the wiki

Tots aren’t a team antag in policy I don’t think, and in the same way changelings can hound eachother and are somewhat encouraged too (although this has been toned down and made way harder) traitors selling eachother out for personal gain or to ensure they don’t get caught in another traitor’s collataral is, I think, an entirely reasonable RP attempt. Saying otherwise, I think, would only foster a team deathmatch mindset among the players, which this game isn’t (i think).

Doing it FNR is kinda dickish, but so are HoS’s that follow space law to the letter, so…

No they aren’t a team antag and you aren’t required to cooperate with them. You can kill them to, say, steal their TC.

What no antag is allowed to do is to explicitly ally with the station for no reason, especially when it involves selling out the other antagonists for no reason. We regularly ban changelings that try to join sec in order to hunt other changelings down, and this is pretty much the same thing.

Also, the station appropriately executed @Roosevelt97 for doing this, they can’t trust your word on who is and isn’t a traitor

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yeah that’s how it be sometimes

I wanted to try to get some profit out of it and steal their TC (though their PDAs were lost and I never managed to grab any), and I intended to get a free escort off the station to avoid the random violence that was going on. I did plan to ask for payments in credits but we had to evac before I got around to it. That was my RP reasoning, I won’t do it again if it’s not within bounds

I mean they did make efforts to
A: Conceal their identity
B: Ensure their own safety by stemming random violence

This could just as easily be a manipulation effort, as it was, as they tried to get a free escort off the station.