Romerol Zombie rework

It would be great if Zombies could have higher damage against objects/doors so that they can truly be inevitable, Instead of bein cucked by a Reinforced door.

Still be normal damage against other players, no idea how you could code that.

Other ideas (not) welcome

literally a group of people with circular saws and meds is enough to cuck zombois

All antags can be cucked, just asking for a small buff to do some more damage

wouldn’t giving them similar damage calculations like hulk work? Since you can’t 1 shot a person with hulk strength, but you can 1 shot a wall. Perhaps something similar to that, though potentially reduced from 1 hit to something like 8ish

just let them break walls like hulks can

Breaks walls is way too much, I just want them to be able to break most doors with a couple hits

They’re fine as is, reinforced doors are fairly rare and actually probably breakable if you hit them enough. Even the shutters are breakable.

Considering how easy it is to stop zombies with 4 sheets of metal, i think otherwize3

I never saw ROMEROL zombie out breaks get stopped.

I watched an entire zombie horde get stopped by one rienforced door during my Malf AI nuking round. They never broke the door, even after 6 minutes.

Maybe there could be a few mutant zombies with special abilities?

Haha I remember that round we were all beating on the sattelite door to get to you while the nuke was counting down

Bruh, that round was months ago. But I am still pissed we couldn’t break the door, that’s why I brought it up

To prove how long ago that was
It was on kilo
Kilo was still in rotation at the time

I was a little worried at first, but unlike most other stations, kilo has a godlike AI sat, so I wasn’t too nervous after that. Though I was a little disappointed that no one got in.

Just to note though, if we did make mutated zombies, lets just give them one or two niches and then make them weaker in everything else, that way most people stay as the default zombie.

And for the love of god, no one say sprinter or leaper zombies, being bitten once is basically death, we don’t need a fast zombie or one that can stun with it’s pounce.

A zombie that spit acid would solve the wall issue, though it wouldn’t help against reinforced doors. Though, I honestly think it might be fine like that, since the few places with reinforced are hard to escape.

I was gonna suggest something like three zombies have a “zombie leader” perk these will usually be the first three infected they get a hivemind command thing and can choose one of a couple perks
One being the acid spit that sparrow suggested
Another one being a stealth zombie that can turn invisible and maybe if it isn’t too broken you could give them a changeling and or abductor type ability that let’s them transform, appearance wise into the last person they bit while still maintaining the lack of hands and the stuttered speech
Just two possible ideas for them

I think the issue with the second two abilities is that they’re stealth abilities on a conversion antag that practically one shots people. I think they’d have to be more obvious, or less direct abilities.

The hivemind one is good for a leader zombie. Actually, it could work well as a mutation, a sort of non infectious but fast scout zombie, with horrible melee but significantly faster speed than a normal zombie, who can easily call in a swarm via hivemind.

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Huh, think i remember discussing about this with a few dudes a couple of years ago back on Hippie, we’ve eventually decided that it’d be pretty rad if the zombies would gain random mutations (Both good & bad ones) after either time passess or depending on how many humanoids they’d infect. Never really made up our minds what what the ‘mutations’ could be, but i’d reckon we can eventually add some fun ones in, eventually turning the zambies into a fun chaotic horde.

I do like making the unlock process time based, but I think randomly getting downsides is pretty sucky. I was thinking more like adapting in to specialized roles (similar to xenos). Most would stay as default zombies, since they’d be stronger at infecting and normal combat, but the specialists would be there when the horde can’t beat something with a horde of normies.

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