Romerol is too weak to justify 25 tc

hear me out here boys. romerol may have been good at one point, but with zesko’s melee changes, zombies are now ASS. if security gets their riot armor and riot shields, game over for the fucking zombies.

here are some changes i propose, and before you come here commenting “duhhh make a pr if u want changes :ddd” yes bro, i’ll make a pr, but i want some community feedback on some ideas

  • zombies have a hivemind channel, like changelings

this would majorly benefit them, as it would make them able to function as an actual horde of zombies, coordinating attacks and such

  • zombies having some sort of an ability

i talked about how riot shields hard counter zombies, well, this aims to make it less of a hard counter. maybe something like a ranged acid attack, 15 units of fluorosulfuric acid splashes on them or something. or, if we’re not likin that, something like a limited speed boost that a zombie can activate whenever with a relatively short cooldown, so zombies can punish people for being out in the open, or not being prepared to fight.

  • romerol not costing over 20 TC

i sincerely don’t think romerol is effective enough to cost more than 20 tc. zombie outbreaks happen so infrequently and it’s a shame because it’s really cool to see. if it only costed 20tc, it’d still cost all of someones TC, the extra 5 added on is only so 2 people have to collaborate to get it, but it’s not that strong anymore, if it was only 20 tc zombies would happen much more often. other items, like the new holoparas, a double esword, or the old meta combo of emag and e-sword are much more reliable and effective.

make zombies great again

You still need to connect only 1 hit to force a 5 minute surgery. You’re still undead.

The damage isn’t where zombies get their power from.

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its in my understanding that you have to actually die to turn infected, is that not how it works, also riot shields make it pretty much impossible for a zombie to hit you

source: was a zombie and got blocked 5 times in a row before getting shotgunned to death and gibbed

It slowly kills you from the moment you get the brain tumor thing. I think it dealt toxin/oxy damage (?)

Still fucks you up with 1 hit

It turns the round from a traitor round to a zombie round, I think any cheaper and it would be too powerful since 1 traitor could decide to fuck up the round

are you a 100% sure? when i was a zombie that round, i hit atleast 4 people, atleast 4, and they never got turned into a zombie, maybe they got constant medical care, i dont know, but there were 2 people in riot armor with riot shields in medical so i couldnt even fucking get in. also, i got romerol injected in me at like 10 minutes into the round, i never took any damage. i swear, you do not take any damage while infected

how is that fucking up the round though? follow me guys but no one is going to buy romerol every time they’re traitor, its just a fun thing that sometimes happens, it happens too infrequently honestly, and now with the melee changes its easy to counter, i don’t see how its ruining anyones round

There are like 8 traitors, only would take 1 for the round to change to a zombie round over a full traitor round, being rare is intended, hence why 25TC (2 traitors)

I’m pretty sure the tumor doesn’t do damage over time just by existing, or if it does it’s so slow it doesn’t really matter much.

okay but, so what? i dont see the issue, other traitors are not responsible for other traitors winning, it’s not like the second someone buys romerol they just suddenly arent traitors anymore. they still have objectives to do, except now theres a zombie apocalypse going on and you have to get them done regardless. that sounds awesome to me, and emag and esword is pretty meta, just emag into armory and get a riot shield if you’re so scared about the zombies you consider yourself no longer a traitor. or just hack into the armory, or do literally anything besides not changing how you’re playing. i think zombies while you’re trying to do your objectives would be a pretty fun mixup, it doesn’t ruin anyones round, it doesn’t suddenly change the round type, i have no idea what you’re talking about

If you are a zombie you cant do your objectives. It would suck every single traitor round having a zombie apocalypse where 1 hit and you have instantly red text

tbf if you wanna be like “fuck being a zombie” just get a holoparas
downside is that unless you have the “die a glorious death” objective your chances of greentexting goes down drastically

1 hit does not kill you, we just discussed this, what are you talking about, 1 hit does not fucking instantly obliterate you and send you into nullspace, if you get robusted by a zombie when you have traitor gear, thats your fault, you have to actually die to red text, and guess what, if you died, you would’ve red texted anyway, whether you turned into a zombie or not

last time i played, tumor didnt deal dmg, i had to die then i came back simple as that.
Thats the only thing the tumor did.

IMO zombies should be removed from traitor items and they should have their own gamemode.
As bacon said, zombies are pretty much redtext for all traitors, but zombie round could be really fun, why?
Imagine departments barricading themselves in, assistants making forts in dorms and such. Zombies can be really fun for a ss13 round.
Altough if this is going to happend, we need more zombies, most of them should be controlled by AI and several players with more power than normal zombies


yeah that could be an option, zombies are just better versions of the monkey round anyway roflmao


Before we discuss zombie buffs we need to acknowledge the fact that a majority of people who become zombies immediately ghost upon death leaving half of the zombies actual player power halved. I have literally watched as a zombie round i made got shit on because half the crew did not wanna be zombies and just left their bodies to be murderboned. Make it so they are forced to or a ghost can take thier place

coedrbus here:
Zombie tumor deals 1 tox damage per process
Zombie tumor from the reagent does no toxin damage (if you inject yourself with the reagent zombies wont put damaging tumors in you)

yes i dont like monkeys, when i was cmo and got traitor i always bought romerol and used hypo on people in crit fun times

The zombie hability of spit sounds pretty great considering they are really slow and I get what you mean about blocking with shields. Since they are rare and the only way to get them without teaming up with someone at the moment I think is viro/cmo that costs 20 tc (?) Not so sure about that one. Would like to see some changes on zombies because you can get romerol but it wont guarantee that an outbreak will happen.