Role idea: Radio Programme Controller

The job of a RDC is to play music and inform the crew about the news.
Remember admin midis? Basically that in a nutshell. The RPC can queue music from youtube and play it over the radio. Additionally he can use text to speech to relay messages over the radio channel every so often.
Players can opt-in and listen to the radio channel by choosing the radio option in both their client and by activating it for their “headset”.

The RPC’s office includes an upgraded recording device for text to speech, The bluespace radio antenna, a computer screen for the GUI and an area to interview guests for their “normal” text channel.

Limitations: Players need at least 100 hours on the server to prevent shittery (amap).

TL;DR: Beestation could need a Goon-like radio show!


I’ve never played on Goon, but this sounds like a great idea. Maybe make it a ghost tole so we can have sort of an “NT alligned” comms agent (but with music)

and then some “funny guy” plays THE LOUDEST “SONG” THERE COULD BE
deleating the ears of every headphone user


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im legally blind

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Please don’t make this a ghost roll.
I love this idea however
I’d prefer this to replace the curator to be frank.

Maybe admins could get a button to cancel the song before it starts, similar to how admins can reject a station name before it becomes official.

Or volume cap the songs.

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Goons radio has a set of songs pre-added into the game. You cant play custom sounds for well known reasons. As fun of a idea as this would be it would need maby more of a whitelist since id imagine alot of bad stuff will be played

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I understand the concern but at the end of the day people can just get jobbanned from it if they abuse it. Also the chance of people risking their 100 hours+ accounts is smaller than some tider joining and bombing.
Hot take: admins can play midis as well. If people are THAT concerned about the potential for abuse it could be something you have to apply for for example (mentor privilege cough cough)

Funny that you think players with 100 hours are not shitters


I formulated that not precise enough, sorry. It does not completely prevent shittery, but it reduces the amount of shitters that could abuse it. Just like there are mentors and admins that are shitters, a 100% abuse protection is never possible.
The realistic goal is just to reduce the amount of possible abuse as much as possible without infringing on the gameplay too much.


Easy fix: the songs must have at least 500.000 views, 95%+ like ratio and must be in the music, games or video category.
That is how it is done by streamlabs and it works rather nicely.

It doesn’t work rather nicely, most streamers don’t want it and the ones I’ve seen that use it still often have to cancel songs.

Which is even worse than in-game because what’s acceptable on a stream is more broad than what’d be allowed for a radio on sage.

Just steal the list from Goon. Excluding their commercials. Lol.

(I dont seriously mean this but it is technically an option.)

We have to finally get radio

Otherwise I will keep sabotaging tcomms so radio silence will be permanent for everyone
Maintainers, you have one day

I would actually prefer to have harsh restrictions on that job (even making application if needed) than having restrictions on music by either view/like requirements on yt or having closed list of songs that admins have to add. I’m pretty sure it will limit us to same songs being played over and over. I wouldn’t actually mind hearing some niche song that nobody knows about but fits great for the style of DJ or events unfolding during the round

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Nice but… that looks like a DMCA minefield…

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Midis from admins are already a thing.

The situation is different for them though: people with 100 hours on the server are way less likely to be shitters than people that just join twitch chat and request [email protected]