Rockewell1 Banned by Daridine

CKEY: rockewell1

Admin’s CKEY: Daridine

Ban Type: Job type

Ban Length: 1 Week

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):

Round ID: 35.677

Ban Reason: Asked for Sec belt and disabler as detective. Later on shotgun-suicided and disconnected. Appeal on the forums if you have an explanation or wait out your week.

Appeal Reason: I’d like to start off by saying that people had been screaming about nukies from roundstart, not only that the armory had been open at around the 10 minute mark with AAs being handed out for everyone, so me having a sec belt and disabler is irrelevant, and the reason i suicided is mainly because my rural internet decided to shit its pants once more, and since i couldnt walk without my game shitting itself i decided to kill myself instead of going to cryo.

Additional Information: Suiciding and exiting the game is not against the rules, and neither is having sec equipment during a suspected nukie round.

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15 Leaving the Game

If you wish to leave the game, please use the cryopods located in/near the dorms when possible. This will free up your character’s job to be filled by a new player.

As the quote above says. For more info i had been given the captain role by the acting captain at the time, so i’m not sure how the role opening works.

Honk honk.

Turns out that this guy uhh isn’t ever coming back.