Robustness tournament - general discussion

I am going to host an event at Thunderdome, Centcom where you will fight for a title of the most robust player of bee. But fist we need to discuss some things:
Are you interested in such event?
At what time should that event take place?
How do you think I could spice up that event?
Should we go with team matches or should we do only 1v1s?
Should those fights be with use of weapons, fists or should it be randomised?


I’m cooming
Euro friendly times ok :)))

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thunderdome event???
ok so, make people actually watch instead of boring ghosts that i cannot see while fightin
dont make it 1v1 if its nude melee cuz i cannot land my shoves >:((
give russian arena
EU friiendly time or else i cumies in your tummies
give antag token and roles for winners
@anon60218928 :wink:

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there IS a chance that the winner will get an antag token, yess…

Fists if you want Good Boy to win

yea dont make it melee only nor ranged only to filter da unrobust and do not allow good boy to play

Make it on LRP because MRPfags are unrobust unga

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it will be on lrp, yes

A new Challenger Approaches!
Velvet has entered the arena!

Y’all gonna fucking die to a catgirl you unrobust ungas. Question, are chainsaw gonna be in the dome? :flushed:

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I’ll think of some different award then
EDIT: it’ll be cool tho

open up centcom, spawn guns and do centcom royale after deleting all consoles

a discord role to show how based they are


Boss of this gym is my suggested role title.


Stream it and do it for charity or tg did it better

Bruh make it teams lmao

no owen nobody finna carry nobody
we do not move iin pacs we kangz